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Finally W5R3 Completed!

I haven't blogged for sometime, not since I was pretty much stopped in my tracks by a gammy leg and then a particularly nasty cold. Managed to start training again 2 weeks ago so built up doing one run from W2, one from W3, 2 from W4 and then picking up W5 again. Had to get a sneaky Saturday in as my gym's ladies changing room is closed on Friday so today hit the gym for W5R3 the big 20 minuter!

Think it set me up for the day as I was successful and only wonder if I could have gone a bit faster, did most of it at 6.8kph (4.2mph) but once Laura told me I had 5 minutes to go kicked it up to 7.0 kph (4.3mph) and finished the last 90 seconds - 2 mins at a roaring 7.5 kph (4.6mph) according to my hamster wheel at the gym I covered 3.71 km in the 35 minutes - including the warm up and warm down walks and had to go on a bit as legs still felt a bit knotty at the end of the podcast.

It felt good getting that 10 minutes down and still feeling pretty strong. Really focused on my breathing keeping it slow and steady and as Laura reminds you in through the nose and out through the mouth! Away for the bank holiday so not sure if I'm brave enough to run around where people who've known me all my life might see me, I'll take my kit and perhaps give an easier run a go as I've learned from experience that running outside is vastly different to running on the treadmill!

Reading everyone's blogs it does seem that this is a big hurdle (mostly mental) for the C25Kers to overcome and it feels great to have done it. I was a bit skeptical even when I got up this morning. My school motto was perseverance and I'm really glad that I've stuck it out. Also finally got round to updating my 5x50 page as well so hope to have added to the team mileage! Here's to finally adding the W6-9 podcasts to my MP3 player and getting that shiny graduate badge in another few weeks.

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Week 5 is a big one. Well done. I've never run on a treadmill it's all been outside, so a bit envious of the lovely stats you get. I have struggled to get to week 7, but to be honest most of that is the mental challenge rather than the physical one, giving up when it got a bit tough instead of keeping on. If you keep with the motto of perseverance I'm sure you'll get there. Good luck


Congratulations, well done :)


Well done - that is the big one! Now you know you can get to the end - just keep on plodding on! :)


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