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5 x 50 update and I also did a very mad thing yesterday

In addition to sfb350 I also registered for the London Marathon yesterday, I must be mad!!!!

My 5 x 50 challenge experience has been mixed. Last week I was feeling very despondent as I still hadn't been running and I was finding it difficult to keep motivated. I have however found my mojo - Friday I needed to deliver a birthday card so delivered it by hand doing run/walk intervals so as not to put to much strain on my shins, ended up being an 8k round trip. Did another run on Saturday again run/walk intervals and again today I did a 5k run. Shins seem to be holding up but have been doing strengthening exercised which I will continue.

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Great news morningglory! Looks like you have some serious training ahead of you! Wishing you the very best! Gayle


How exciting, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the ballot. PS they've closed the ballot already, 125k in 12 hours applied apparently.


Oh no - I missed the ballot. Phew, thank goodness. Hats off to you - an amazing challenge ahead, but you've already proved to yourself that you can do great things.

Just think - a year from now. Marathon over, a great time, a smug grin on your face!

Good luck - keep us up to date on your progress.


Only 1 in 7 chance of getting a place so I will leave it to fate. I registered at 9 am and the ballot was closed by 12 cause a friend at work tried to register and was too late.

I think I will plan to do a half in either Sept or October (have two in mind) that will at least be good training if I do get a place


Wow, what fun that will be if you get picked. When do you hear whether you've got a place of not?


Well that made my jaw drop - literally! Go you!

I shall enjoy cheering you on for your half too!


Brilliant, I'll get the pom-poms out and start cheering!


Go Morningglory :) I really hope you get choosen....I'll be cheering for you. Can't wait to hear your good news...keeping my fingers crossed for you :-D


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