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Week 4 run 1.

Managed it although found it hard, felt I couldn't breathe at one point but told my self to lighten up and breathing was okay. Disappointed that now my knees ache badly its rest day.I already wear knee supports for the jog but we have a history of arthritic knees in the family so I'm hopeful it might be just the change from week 3 to 4, I would be so disappointed to stop this challenge. Any advice would be welcome.

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I also have problems with my knees, I think this is because until new years I was using a walking stick (I am 26 and it was for a foot not a knee problem) and my knees are not yet back to strength. My knees really started to hurt around week 4 so I now only do 2 runs a week (Monday and Thursday to give max recovery) but supplement them with 2 other gym sessions on the bike or rowing machine etc). I have found that this extra time has really helped my knees and I am still going to (hopefully) finish this but it will just take 1.5x longer.

I have the last run of week 5 on Thursday and did week 5 run 2 yesterday and my knees feel the best they have the whole time for the first day after a run.


There is a page on this site about knees and running and what exercises to do to help them whilst running. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Hope this might help. I've just done the same run and have a slight niggle too. Are you doing stretches after your run to help recovery? I find this help a lot.


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