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10k Done!!

Today I did my second 10k run... the first one I did with my sister but for this one I was running solo. I was aiming at around 1 hr, we set off and for the first 2k I felt like I was going really slowly as loads of people were coming past me, I felt like the slowest person there but then by about 3k I started going past the odd person, others were still coming past me but I was going past people too. I didn't spot the distance markers until I was 4k in and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was on target for the 1 hour. I had been warded that there was a nasty hill at around 8k but settled in and was comfortable for a couple more km. Then came a hill. It was somewhere around the 7k mark. It was quite steep but not too bad and I thought 'That's it, the worst is over!' but how wrong I was!! Just as my legs were starting to feel rather tired I hit the killer hill. It just went on forever. I ended up walking a bit and feeling rather disappointed with myself but after I recovered from the hill I felt ok again. The last 1k was tough as I could see the finish line for most of it and it seemed to take forever to get to it. My music ran out (long story - going to do a separate post re- apps and music soon) just before the end but I managed to pick up my pace a little and finnish strong like Laura says! I am still waiting for my official time but I think I came in at around 58 mins. I'm feeling very proud of my self. It was tough going with that killer hill at the 8k mark (I did walk a little) but I got there. Hooray!

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Sounds like you did great! Don't worry about walking on the hill, they can really get your heart rate racing and I'm sure you weren't in the minority! I ran a 5k with a friend that had a steep hill to go up, I ran up it at a snails pace and she ran/walked the whole way, but we both got to the top in the same time so really what is the difference!


Good for you, ktaylor! Great time there and it sounds like you enjoyed the run.


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