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Week 5 Run 3

I was absolutely dreading this run. Twenty minutes solid running. TWENTY. I had a look on the site before my run and saw that someone said if you can do this run, you can finish the programme. It gave me the motivation I needed and I did it! Twenty minutes and I even felt like I could keep going. Normally I panic when Laura says I'm half way, thinking I won't be able to make it to the end and then I lose control of my breathing. But not this time. I feel like I've really achieved something today. I've just signed up to do a Race for Life in June because for the first time I feel like I could run the whole distance.

To anyone struggling, keep going!! The sense of achievement is worth the hard work!!

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Wonderful stuff! The feeling of completing that run is something I won't forget for a long time! Almost more significant than week 9 run 3, because by then, you already know you can run for 30 minutes.

Well done - keep on running! :)


Well done you.

A big milestone, often more psychologically that physically, and you did it.


Brilliant achievement, Alison. :-)

The runs after the 'biggy' W5R3 somehow feel like being 'downhill all the way'. It IS a milestone, but now you've got to build on it, running for longer on an almost regular basis so your muscles can build up the stamina. Psychologically you've done it, however. Happy running (and don't worry overmuch about your speed). :D


Terrific news Alison ... I remember those middle weeks most UNfondly! Week5R3 yukkkk. You've done it, you're on your way well and truly now! :)

Great that you've signed up for RfL.... your own enthusiasm alongside all the other entrants will spur you to success - brilliant! :D

Keep blogging and let us know how you get on, Linda x


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