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Well I'm committed now!

Well after starting with whatever I had in the cupboard I have now bought a sports bra (all be it a cheap m&s one) and one if these to hold my phone safely! Still making do with my old trainers tho as had no issues so far and still baulk at spending over £40 for a pair (assuming I find a shop - none in leamington spa!). I guess this means I'm committed to carrying on now! ??

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Like that belt. I've ended up carrying my phone a few times when it's been hot and am very likely to drop it soon. That may be just the thing!! There isalways soemthing more to buy!!!Thank you.


I like the look of that belt. I bought a strap to go round my arm for my key and phone, that belt looks more comfy though. The sports bra is probably one of the most important purchases a female can make. I have an M&S one too, it's been working very well since I started the program. I only just bought my running shoes at the end of week 4, maybe a few weeks in you will want a new pair too.


I was amused (or horrified) to see that one of the product reviewers for the Flipbelt carries "a small stun gun" in it. Clearly not British!!


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