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Week 5 run 2 done

That was hard work. Just back from doing week 5 run 2. I went out with my husband today so we went out on a different and more scenic route. I found the first eight minute run difficult which wasn't helped by the fact that my husband was walking beside me whilst I was jogging so I felt like a fraud. He said I was going too slow for him to run.

The second eight minute run was better - probably helped by the fact that my husband jogged beside me so I did feel that we were both running this time. Got overtaken by a runner and a few dogs.

Looking forward to the challenge of the 20 minute run which is next but I will definitely be doing that on my own!

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You are doing great :). Your speed will come in time, for now pacing yourself will help you finish the course and build muscle strength needed to maintain longer faster distances. Keep up the good work!


Thank you. I told my husband that I'm building up fitness and distance now and that I will work on speed once I'm comfortable running 5k.


Well done! However, this is why I prefer to run on my own - it must have been quite discouraging that your husband was walking while you were running. It's all to do with height and length of stride, I suppose, but good idea to tackle your next run on your own! Good luck with it - you'll be fine, just take it slow and steady. Looking forward to your next blog telling us all about it :)


Thank you. I usually run on my own but it's nice to go out with him sometimes as we can go to places where I wouldn't feel safe on my own. I will keep it slow and steady!


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