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'Re-graduation Run'

I'm sitting here humming a little tune of joy to myself :) It took a couple of weeks longer than planned easing my foot back in at the start and working with my abdominal pain later on, but so glad to have worked through it all because I ran a personal best on Friday! 5K in 28min30sec and 5.5k in 30mins. Today my time was only slightly slower because I had to stop to tie my waist band AGAIN and there was a fire so the road got closed off and I had to plan a diversion then had to dodge lots of cars coming off all the side streets, but there was only a few 100m difference.

I did feel slightly ashamed having my graduation badge at some points when I wasn't running before and starting the programme over, but glad to be wearing it with pride again and now with a new PB!

I had originally planned to do a 10k on May 24th, which if I added a mile a week is doable, but not sure about it with this abdominal thing going on, I got a date for the scan and it's not until the week after the 10k. I'm going to see the GP on Wed so will ask his advice.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement, you really helped :)

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Congratulations on graduating a second time around (time to change your user name). That makes you a MASTER runner, doesn't it? There should be a special badge! As for feeling guilty at times about your first grad badge, it sits proudly side-by-side with the Volunteer badge and, with mouse hovering over it, I can read: Volunteers give answers that are likely to be particularly credible and helpful. Wow, that's some accolade. :D

Hope the GP gives you only good news.


Many congratulations a great achievement and a fantastic time.


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