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Anyone got a fire engine red Alfa Romeo?

I went out for a run this morning (yes, I know, but my knees felt good and the sun was shining and there's takeaway chinese and birthday cake and wine* to make up for so why not?) and was beeped by a bright red Alfa. 3 possibilities (as nothing was hanging out where it shouldn't):

1) Someone from on here recognised the C25K t-shirt and decided to say hello.

2) Chap I passed running yesterday (running in the other direction, twice!) recognised the kit and decided to say hello.

3) A random person/runner decided to say hello to a random nutter out running at half past 7 on a bright sunny Sunday morning!

So just in case it was #1, hello, *waves*!!!

*And baby has put in a request for toad-in-the-hole for dinner tonight, so that needs few extra calories in the bank!

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I love thr random encouragement from passers by.

Sounds like a good run.


Well it wasn't me, but 'hello and well done' from me anyway! How lovely!


Had the chance way back in '82 to get a red Alfa Romeo convertible Sprint... regret it now. Way beyond a poor uni student's means at the time. ;-)

But how classy can you get, Beads? Might have been a red Panda or Ford Fiesta instead, tooting you today , nothing to write home about... ;-) Why not try for a Ferrari or Lamborghini next time!


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