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Nine whole K!! :-)

I think it's fair to say that the prep for the 10K race 2 weeks from tomorrow is going well - I hit the 9KL mark today, and my average pace was better that when I did 8.5 on Thursday!

Pooped now, but feeling very very proud of myself!! I never ever thought I'd get this far, even when Laura was working her magic on me for the first time last year.

Thanks for all your support guys - you're all amazing!! :-)

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Fantastic, glad your training is going well, you are all set for a great race! :-)


Wow, that's great! All your preparation is paying off and you will nail it :) I'm so looking forward to seeing your celebratory post!


Good on ya Steffi. You're also looking great too ;-) x


:-) :-) :-) Happy dancing for you!!! :-) :-) :-) Gayle


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