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Back running! Yeh!

Went back to W5 R1, went with a friend which was great, only been on my own before. The route was all flat. Was surprised how comfortable I felt after not running for 3 weeks, even think I went a little faster than normal, as I knew my friend usually runs faster than me. First 5 mins was good, second 5 even better could have gone for longer but didn't want to push it. Last 5 mins ankle started to niggle a little, carried on and even ran faster, I thought I was but friend said I had speeded up a little and I could have continued to run for longer than the five mins. Currently sat at home icing ankle just to help it little and will probably leave next run until Wednesday at earliest to give it more time to recover as its obviously not back to being perfect yet.

So pleased that 5 mins felt comfortable though, can't wait for next one!

Off to running shop on Monday to get a gait analysis done :-)

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Good for you - and well done to keep going - having a buddy along I think is great and can keep you motivated . I run on my own - and have to really push myself to keep going - with laura pushing me along. I am on my last week 4 run tomorrow - I did a preview of week 5 - and I think I can do it - except I have this niggly knee since my run yesterday - I am ignoring it and hoping the pain goes away.

I had my gait analysis done last year - and was pleased with the results - but it did cost me a pair of quite expensive trainers as a result!!


Bet your forthcoming gait analysis will solve the ankle situation. Well done on this run. :-)


Agree with both notes above ... I broke an ankle badly about 3 years ago and it was in plaster for 14 weeks (long story!) As a result I almost completely lost the arch in one foot and needed insoles. Those provided by the hospital were dreadful! The best I have ever bought were those done at the running shoe shop - after careful gait analysis ... and whilst I had spent a long time fearing that my ankle would always be weak, I have now completed this challenge - bought my expensive runners in about week 3 - and haven't had a painful ankle or knee since! Lots of luck, we're all sure you're going to complete this ;) Linda x


Thanks everyone, and glad all worked out Ok in the end with your ankle Linda, extra special well done gaining your Graduate badge.


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