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I ran for 8 minutes, twice! Hooray!

I made it through week 5 run 2, I thought it would be harder than it was, no uphill other than the last 10 seconds. I was expecting to find it harder than it was to run 8 minutes but it went well, a couple of minutes into the second set my legs got quite heavy but I got through that too. I found it easier to concentrate on the nature around me, to take my mind off my breathing and legs, I counted horses in the fields and looked for squirrels in the tree branches.

I'm thrilled with today. The only thing is that my left calf feels a bit dodgy when I walk, it happened yesterday when I was walking back from town, so I'm trying to be careful with it.

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Sounds like a great run! That's what I love about running outside, there's so much for your mind to focus on and help keep you on. If I'm struggling I pick and object in the not to far off and just concentrate on getting there then move on to the next thing and before you know if you're almost done.

If you calf is a bit tight an extra bit of rest might be good before your next run. Good luck!


Well done. I echo didntrunthat's thoughts above: rest, rest, rest. You don't want to foul up on W5R3, the "biggy". ;-)


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