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Smiling again

I had a pretty tough run on Wednesday, my legs were aching so much that I didn't make it to 5K (only 4.6). Looking back I think I should have had 2 days rest after running 8.5k on Monday. Lesson learned I'll bare this in mind next week.

Yesterday I was very much will I/won't I go to Parkrun, I was out for a curry last night and it would have been very easy to indulge in too much wine, but I didn't have a drop, I stuck to water all evening. Even at the end of the evening I was still unsure whether or not I'd get up in the morning. But I did get up and go off to Parkrun, with no other thoughts than "just get round". I was pleased that my legs were happier today and got me round in under 30mins. OK no PBs this week, but it was nice to have a good run after such a tough one.

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Good on you for getting out there! You can enjoy today without any regrets :)


Under 30 minutes? you are my hero! Can't wait for my official time for my second Parkrun today, but I'll be happy wih any time that is a PB!

Well done on all your efforts this week, 8.5k followed by almost 5, and then the Parkrun is brilliant! :-)


Under 30 minutes? You are a star!


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