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Wish this virus would clear off!!

Had just completed W8R1 last Saturday and was due to complete run 2 on Monday but mid afternoon started feeling dreadful. No running for me - no energy and grumbly tummy. Went to bed at 7pm! Started to feel a bit better yesterday but woke up this morning with more aches and a cold.

The only thing that is running is my nose! Fingers crossed that I feel better tomorrow so I can get back to the running. :(

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Oh, hope you feel better soon!

I have a really runny nose, streaming eyes and sore throat - think the hayfever has come on with a vengeance! :-)


It's terrible when you can't get out there. Don't worry too much about your progress slowing down, your fitness will still be there when you go back, just take it very easy on your first run back though.

Hope you feel better soon xo


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