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Week 2 done!

Well, I never thought I'd do it but week 2 is in the bag and I even managed an extra rep of running! I am so chuffed with myself I could crush a grape! I have recommended this challenge to my mum as she has seen the change in me. It is not only my fitness but my inner confidence and self belief that is growing. I am now starting to believe that I can do it and that is partly due to reading all the great success stories on here and the support I have been given. Thank you all.

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Well done! It's a great feeling at the end of each run, especially the last one in a week. I have neve really done blogging before, but like you have found the support, encouragement and shared experiences on here SOOOO helpful.


It has kept me going I must admit. I do like reading about the people who have finished. It gives me hope :)


When I started this programme, I made a committment to myself to blog after each run. Not really for other but for myself so I could trace my progress. I honestly believe that promise to myself has kept me going.


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