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My first ever 5k!! :D W9R1

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OMG! I DID IT! I ran for a full 30 mins, and I did a full 5k! I really cannot believe it! I have now completed what is it I wanted to do when I signed up exactly 2 months ago. Just 2 more runs, and I have graduated!! The funny thing is, is that I didn't even find the run too hard haha, but I have a bloody sock (again) :/ I really need to learn to cut my toenails! Anyway, enough about my feet...

I just want to say a hugeeee thank you to everyone on this amazing website, and to my friends and family, because without them, I doubt I would have made it without them.

Wowweeee! I am on such a high right now! :D

Thanks for reading my blog, and as ever, happy running!

~ Olivia

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Well done Olivia! Definitely on the home run now, you must be feeling ecstatic :)

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to roadrunner_86

I am! I have W9R2 tonight, I can't believe how close I am to finishing C25K, it's crazy! I see you are a graduate! Well done on completing it! Hopefully that will be me in a couple of days :D Thanks for the support!

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Amazing Olivia, are you sure you weren't holding out on us earlier - you're simply flying through this programme! ;) :D

Well done, you have such ambition to do amazing things very soon, I wish you all the best and just know you are going to succeed!

As for the toenails ... Ah ha ... Me too! :( I'm stuck between wanting nice nails to paint now open shoes can be worn again.... and needing comfy toes to shove inside double-walled socks and running shoes for C25K! Is there a compromise? Take care, Linda x

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to LMS2110

Thank you for your kind words!

Haha I wish there was a compromise! Personally, I would just cut them (I don't have to worry about pretty toenails as even though it is meant to be spring, it is absolutely freezing here in England!), but it is of course it is your choice!

Good luck with your C25K journey! :D

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LMS2110Graduate in reply to piggyland1

I AM in England LOL ... :D I have not liked closed up shoes since I was forced to wear them at school years ago... and now running shoes come along... and eeeewww heck they've got covered in toes! I'd be happier in flipflops or sandals all the year round - broke my heart with all that snow a few weeks back - was forced to wear full shoes and boots teeeheee teee heee x

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Excellent result, Olivia. You're really on a high, aren't you! :D

Are your Mum & Dad still following the programme too? A couple of weeks ago you said you'd persuaded them into it... ;.)

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to con-brio

My Dad is about to do W7R2!! Wow, how time goes by...!

Unfortunately my mum keeps making up excuses why she can't go :(

Oh well, at lest my dad is happy, he has lost nearly a stone throughout the last 7 weeks! And he's not changed his diet or anything! Amazing what a bit of exercise can do for you eh!

How are you doing then? I know that you had to stop running for a bit, are you recovered, or do you have any plans?

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to piggyland1

Oh and.... NICE GRAD BADGE hehehehehe :D

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con-brioGraduate in reply to piggyland1

Currently doing 5x50... walking and cycling more than running (hopefully things will change soon... orthotic insoles really working), plus Strength&Flex (two more sessions then I can claim another grad badge).

Looking forwards to your grad blog... and your Dad's! :-)

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Brilliant! Enjoy the official grad run :)

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to Anniemurph

Thank you!! :D I'm so pumped for it!

Well done! That is excellent :)

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to Toriap2

Thanks for your support! :)

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Congratulations. What a fantastic achievement. Enjoy the last two runs. x

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to PamJK

Thank you, I can't believe how quickly 9 weeks go! x

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Fantastic! Well done. x

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piggyland1Graduate in reply to newrunner56

Thank you! :) x

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newrunner56Graduate in reply to piggyland1

W7 r2 tomorrow.... and (believe me, I never thought I would say this) I am looking forward to it!

I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying the running and I miss it on the rest days!

Do you use a running watch to measure distance etc?

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