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Loving week 5 so far!

Week 5 run 1 has been my best run so far. The weather was good. Not too hot or too cold - cool with a breeze. Is it me or is the music much more motivating this week? The music for the warm up walk really got me in the mood. Can't wait until I ditch Laura (sorry Laura) and can run to my own music.

The first two five minutes runs were fine but at the back of my mind I kept thinking how will I manage eight minutes. For the final five minute run I really picked up speed and was in a world of my own and couldn't believe it when Laura said stop.

Got home and loaded my results to Nike+ from my ipod and was so pleased to see that I'd done my fastest mile :-) I wish I could do this run 3 times and not have a new run each day. Looking forward to the next run and somehow believe that I can do the 20 minute run next week!

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You're doing just fine! You'll be able to crack that 20 minutes, no problem. just take it steady - you can always speed up later, when you've done it. Have fun :)


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