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Week 3 Run 3 Done

Had a bit of a funny day, woke up to do my run this morning as normal only to find that it was chucking it down outside - I'm not adverse to a bit of drizzle but I wasn't really up for running in the pouring rain.

As my morning run was rained off I decided to do my last week 3 run this evening and had a bit of a rubbish start. The quiet road I normally run down was suddenly pretty busy and I was conscious of stares from people in their cars, worst of all I was wearing a new top which was a little bit lower cut that I would have liked meaning I spent the majority of my run with my hoodie zipped right up (and quite hot!). Halfway through the run I got a phone call from a friend, I let it ring out but it meant my 90 second walk was closer to 2 minutes.

The good was that I felt this was the best run I have done so far, I found run 1 of this week easy (or at least easier than I had expected), run 2 was really challenging, however tonight on run 3 I felt I really pushed myself harder than I have on any run so far and for once I felt proud of my performance. I'm learning something new on each run and this time it was to keep my head up and look straight ahead, I never realised before but i've been running with my head down staring just in front of my feet.

One thing I am struggling with is that the warm up walk in particular causes my calves and shins to really ache, at times it's so achey that it feels like they're going to explode! It doesn't tend to bother me too much when i'm running but I really notice it when i'm walking - has anyone else experienced this?

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, I guess I had a lot to say, I am now looking forward to week 4! :)

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Great to hear that you are doing so well. I know what you mean about running in the rain - drizzle is fine but I have never yet gone out in a downpour! You'll find as you read all the blogs that many of us have clothing issues :D and that it tends to result in shopping. I can't help with the achey calves, I'm afraid, other than to ask if you've had gait analysis and your shoes checked? All the best with Week 4 - keep blogging and let us know how you get on.


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