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Yeah!! Week 9 run 2 in the bag!


Weather looked so good this morning with blue skies and sun but boy was there a cold wind blowing - one of the benefits of living on an island! Even so, I decided that I would run in shorts and t-shirt for the first time. All went well and actually managed a full 5K in 32.5 minutes despite having to run the last 500 metres dodging the sleepers on the disused railway line that makes up part of my route. Can't believe I'm almost at the end of my affair with Laura - I'll miss her but I feel it's time to move on! Next stop graduation on Monday...

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Well done Dave, thats a pretty damn good run. :-) I think Laura is still the coach on 5K+ if that is the route you are going. But whatever your next plan is I wish you well. :-)

DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to caz1_ca

Thanks for the info. I need to get to 10K by 14th July so perhaps I should check it out and see what she says - I'm willing if she is!!

caz1_caGraduate in reply to DaveAnglesey

I'm pretty sure there is a 10k programme. :-) Good luck with that.


Glad you had good weather raining where i live! Great distance too sure your be at 10 k before yiu know it good luckwith your last run

Kate x

DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to mason73

Sorry to hear about the weather where you are - it's just started raining again here so it's now back to normal. I must admit that I'm a little bit worried about getting to 10K, but my experience with this programme does at least give me some degree of comfort as I didn't think that I would be able to do 5K this time 8 weeks ago! If I can do it anyone can do it!!


I did this same run this afternoon although I was dodging school pupils :) One more to go and we're there...

DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to didntrunthat

Thanks. I hope your "final" run goes well too - a double graduate, well done!!

Congratulations :)

DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to OlsBean

Thanks. Next step 10K, hopefully by mid-July. This programme has completely changed my outlook on running - I actually look forward to my runs now and miss it if I can't get out!


Well done and I look forward to your graduation blog!!! I am due to do mine tomorrow but still deciding whether to have an extra days rest due to thigh ache but not sure I want to put it off til Monday as I so want to graduate!

Lots of us graduating around the same time and its such a good feeling!! Happy Running.


Well done, graduation is in sight!

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