I tripped over in the dark last night (no NOT running) getting something from my car. I fell flat on my ribs and spent a couple of hours in A&E early hours this morning. A suspected cracked (hopefully bruised) rib. I am hoping to a 10K run in just over 2 weeks . What do I do now ?? I can't even continue with my training runs :-( Do i just give up on the idea and sign up for one in September ? Please advise . I am sitting here off work in pain and fed up !!


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  • Oh goodness, hope it is just bruising! I think maybe your GP would be best to tell you when or if you can continue running.

  • If it's bruised hopefully you'll be able to start running again as soon as it is not too painful to do so.

    Even if you''re not able to run for 2 weeks, you won't lose too much fitness in that time. Wait for a few days before giving up on this run and see how your ribs heal.

  • Thanks for the advice and good wishes ..........I'm bored already, not used to being a stay at home girlie. Good to hear that hopefully I won't lose too much fitness. Other bits of me are hurting today :-(

  • Sounds like a bad deal. I had something similar but it was self inflicted - an argument with a sledge as he was coming downhill while I was going uphill, not paying attention. No video exists but if it did it would definitely show me doing a bit of a Catherine Wheel.

    Other than sympathising and hopefully cheering you up with my stupid story, I don't know what to suggest. I guess it does all depend on how quickly it heals. Swanscot is right though - even taking a couple of weeks out while on holiday, you still retain a surprising amount of fitness. So I'd say to keep the coming run in the frame, see how you get on and, if you do need to call off, at least you have a good reason. I suppose you could find another 10K not too far away from home, but maybe the end of May? That should be achievable?

    Get well soon!

  • Thanks Malcy, It made me smile. :-) If anything , I feel more bruised today :-( Just hoping it's the bruising coming out and then i'll start to feel a better. Once the painkillers kick in I am sleeping for England !! but painkillers are alien to me , i hate taking stuff. Anyway hopefully I'll be on here in a few days saying how much better its feeling :-)


  • Oh no! :( I really sympathise with you, and I hope it's only bruised. Like everyone has said, take a few days off and see how you feel. Get well soon!

  • Thanks Anniemurph :-) It's a real pain having to have your husband helping with dressing and undressing too !!!

    This forum is SO supportive :-)

    Thank you again


  • ... but every could has a silver lining. just think of the pleasure it's giving your hubby (:->)

  • THAT made me smile too :-) :-)

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