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Pearsey's back on track


Hi Guys, Well I'm back on track and in the middle of week 3, with run 3 to go! This time round so much fun!! Good to have Laura egging me along too. I am finding that with the repeat I am listening more to her instructions, and carrying them out, because I don't have to concentrate on my running (jogging) technique. I am also running in Poole Park, as I said before, which challenges me with gradients.

I did the first run in Rockley Park, which is where I completed all of the 9 week course before. It was lovely going back there. I met an old lady-fortunately I was on a walking for 2 minutes bit-that I used to see before with her dog, and we were able to walk and chat. She had missed me and wondered where I had got too-one of my "cheerers"! from f irst time around.

Only six more weeks to go and I shall be a graduate-again!!

Keep on running! :-)

Colette x

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Great stuff Colette! Nice to know you were missed wasnt it? You sound very up-beat which is lovely to hear! :)

Happy running!

Sue x


Ah, that's so nice that you'd been noticed and missed. :) Good that you're enjoying the running and interesting that it's so different second time round.

Thank you Sue and greenlegs (sorry I just cannot recall your name?). Yes, I was surprised-but a very nice one!

Yeah, really interesting 2nd time round.

Colette x


Hi Colette - it's great that you're back! I've just started again, running with my daughter, and it's lovely to hear Laura again! All the best - keep blogging to let us know how you're doing :)

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