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Dark clothing... Week 6 run 2


I pulled myself off the couch last night for my run; it was only when I was half way round my route running alone a dark lane behind some houses that I thought about what I was wearing! I had left the house fully clothed in black running trousers, top and even a black hat! It made me chuckle and thought to myself

“Yes officer there was a suspicious character dressed in black running around the back of the house last night!”

The run really well and had to extend my distance to fit in the full program! So was feeling pretty good when I got home only for my wife who had not seen me leave greeted me on my return saying

“It’s the Milk Tray man” before correcting herself “I mean the Black Magic man”

Maybe it is time to consider my clothing colours for running in the dark!


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Get yourself a Hi-Vis top... they're all the rage, even among non-runners (or at least they seem to be here in Italy). The rest can stay flatteringly dark. The yellow on black looks "real cool", especially if you have some running shades to go with them... though at night maybe not! :D


Hahaha you are lucky you didn't get stopped by the police ;-)


Now what you need is a 'buff' - tube of fabric that can be twisted/folded anywhichway into hat, scarf etc etc - brilliant for winter running - and especially good for burglar impersonations! I think a black buff would do you just nicely! :D

Hope you got your wife some Black Magic chocs!


You need to have a Garmin or something that tracks where you are so you can prove you were running if there's a burglary and you need an alibi :D Glad the run went well - enjoy your next one, and let us know how it goes.

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