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Wk 4 R2

Today I ran down by the canal. My friend cycled beside me (although her chain broke so she did end up walking and half jogging). I found the first 3 min run pretty good, but the first 5 min I found extremely hard! I was struggling, but I kept going because I'd done it once before! The rest of the run was a little easier. I was very proud of myself once I'd finished. Only one more run of Week 4 to go - then onto the dreaded week 5. Eeek!

Happy Running!

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I'm a canalpath-jogger too! They're excellent as they are flat, quiet, softer than pavement, and you don't have roads or other distractions. I found week 3 quite hard, so was really surprised that I've found week 5 comparatively easier. It's all down to the clever c25k plan :)


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