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What's the funniest / strangest thing you have seen whilst out running ?

Today I went for my lunch time run (W4R2), thankfully with my running partner. We ran as usual along the canal tow path out of Leeds city centre in bright sunlight. This tow path is very popular with joggers and walkers at lunch time and we were passing people about every minute. As we approached a bridge, a quite open one, there was a man and woman sat on the floor with her across his legs, I soon realised they were obviously getting jiggy with it. Eyes averted we both ran past and it did make us put a spurt on. This made for quite a lot of talk in the office this afternoon but may have been a bit disconcerting if you'd been on your own as I don't think they were quite on this planet.

I was wondering what other strange sights people may have seen on their pursuit to 5K ?

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Yikes, that must have been awkward! Makes all my runs seem very boring! :)


I usually come across foxes who stop and stare at me!


That would be much more preferable !