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2.9miles in 28mins!! W8R3

helooooo everyone! Haven't blogged in a while cos I have been busy, sorry!

Anywho, todays run was the last run before grad week, and what a way to end it! My R1 was 2.8miles which I was ecstatic about, R2 was about 2.7/2.8 miles and today I went all out! :)

I am soooo excited for grad week! I am doing R1 tomorrow (I am a bit behind with my runs, so need to catch up), R2 on Friday and my final run on Sunday!

I remember being on week 1 and flicking through from February to the end of April and planning out what I was going to do after C25K and thinking that I was never going to finish it! And now the end is near.... hmm very exciting/strange!!

Happy running everyone!

~ Olivia

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Go for it! It looks like you're well on your way - enjoy your last week :)


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