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Why did/do you want to start C25K? 😍 Choose all that apply...

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Weight loss

Weight loss

First part of recovery from a heart attack. Loved it.

ThatwasunexpectedGraduate in reply to Mirelle1937

Another survivor! It was far from "the first part" for me (lots of walking and gym work first) but has kind of completed my recovery (as far as you ever can).

If I can walk and lift stuff and do the gym and RUN then my brain finally has to accept there's no too much wrong! :D


Other. To aid weight loss


I'm a Slimming World Consultant, & during the lockdown our members have been encouraged to become more active... quite a few of my members are doing or have recently completed the c25k & I was challenged to join them! I've never been a runner, & having RA, wasn't able to run, but with my condition under control & having lost weight some years ago, decided why not? So took on the challenge! And I'm loving it!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Spookysmum

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing xxx

Shawny60 in reply to Spookysmum

Just read your post and glad to see someone else with RA doing doing C25K, What week are you on now? I am near 63 years old with RA under control and started W4R1 today, had to walk a wee bit on last 5 minute section but otherwise pleased with how it's going, have repeated some runs and had a week off due to fatigue and other things getting in the way but really feel better for it all round. I am a very slow runner but hope to keep going. I would welcome any advice or tips you have for C25K. Good luck to you.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

SpookysmumGraduate in reply to Shawny60

Hi Shawny60, I've just completed week 5 today! I'm a slow runner too...(& am nearing 56) More of a slow jog but its about the challenge to complete each run, not the speed for me! I'm proud of myself for managing the 20 mins run component today without needing to stop or feeling too over exerted! The best advice I would say at the moment is making sure you do warm up & cool down exercises each time & not to worry about speed. Take it at your own pace & be proud of every step you accomplish. I had 3 weeks off following an ankle /ligament injury but when I returned, continued where I left off with no impact so am really happy with my progress. All my runs involve hills (the joys of living in North Devon - it's up hill in every direction from my home) so hoping that improves my endurance when I do get to run on flat ground. I'm having a gait analysis done next week so hoping that will help my joints with shoes that compliment it! The advice I've found on this forum is fantastic! Enjoy your runs & keep going. Xx

Shawny60 in reply to Spookysmum

Hi Spookysmum, sounds like you are doing brilliantly and on hilly areas too!! Any slight incline nearly brings me to a standstill but stamina improving all the time. Well done to you, halfway there, keep going.


I was in the throes of being made redundant (a few years ago) and was under ‘house arrest’, I,e ‘not needed’ in the office, and needed to keep healthy, mentally and physically.....so thought, 30 minutes.....yes, I can do that....

I never, ever expected to become a ‘runner’......but here I am.....several half marathons under my belt......



I started because a friend was starting the programme. She lives miles away so we didn’t run together, but we sent photos and messaged about how it was going

Lapsed runner, due to injury and indolence - new local group gave me the motivation to join & do something positive.


Heart and bone health, weight loss


To add some variety into the daily walks we were taking.


I didn't sign up to C25K expecting fun! I expected a big fat fail and to hate it to be honest. Well I was wrong. Big success and lots of fun! So glad I was mad/brave enough to try it 😍. Highly recommend, even for the biggest of sceptics 👍


I'm a total oxymoron, I'm a fat guy that likes to run. I started the program because I'd 'tried' to run previously but it was of a HIIT type work out that I was doing.

Following the program made me realise how much running helps me unwind and just clear my head.


Weight loss


As I can't swim right now with the pools still closed


Because I couldn’t do my usual daily swim and wanted to keep my fitness up. I had always wanted to be able to run.

Bea7Graduate in reply to Monkeyrun

Hello to another deprived swimmer 🙋

Birdlady64Graduate in reply to Bea7

Make that 3

runtoeatchocsGraduate in reply to Monkeyrun

Make that 4!!

My 60th Bday present to myself 🎊

linda9389Ambassador in reply to SpanishShuffle

Love it!


It was a promise to me and to my surgeon that, if he could fix me, I'd run 5K. He did and I did.

Also weight loss! 😊

To counteract the side effects of some new drugs I was put on (weight gain) and improve my fitness in advancing middle age


I used to be a daily swimmer and I used to Run years ago. when the virus hit and they closed the pools I thought this would time to try and run again. I'm so glad I did. I now run 8k three times a week and I love it. I do miss swimming though cant wait to do both

roseabiAdministrator in reply to GreenBearxxx

Fabulous! I recommend swim-run multisports!! xx

GreenBearxxxGraduate in reply to roseabi

Thank you

MonkeyrunGraduate in reply to GreenBearxxx

That’s amazing that you do 8k x 3. I’m still doing some consolidation runs. It appears that quite a few of us have decided to do this because we were deprived of our usual swim. Keep it up.👏🏻

GreenBearxxxGraduate in reply to Monkeyrun

You too xx


Always wanted to run and did not think I could at 75.


Also wanted to do Couch to 5K, but never had the time. However, due to an underlying health condition and my job, I was medically suspended for 3 months, but felt physically fine, and had LOADS of time to commit to the programme!

Also, I didn’t want to put on so much weight not working, that my work colleagues would fail to recognise me on my return to work!, 😂


My husband had started running and started parkruns. I watched people not unlike me who were able to do it and thought I would give it a go.


To get active, to challenge myself and to make the most of the common which is on our doorstep.


I was challenged by sister in law to enter 5k fund raiser in support of cancer research as my brother in law had just died of cancer June 2019... I’ve never run and thought I should support her so I decided I’d try and run! Now I can!

To loose weight and improve my mental and physical health 💪


To prove to myself I could do it


To prepare todo a park run

To buddy a friend .

After being ill in March (probable Covid) I lost all my fitness, I went from training for a half marathon and playing netball twice a week to not being able to run for a minute. I used C25K to start me back up again and build a base level of fitness

I wanted to take part in the Park Runs. I am a keen walker and knew that I could easily walk 5K. But I knew that I could not have run 5K. I found the C25K programme was brilliant.

I joined because I want to train fir a marathon. But don't think it's going to happen anytime soon 🙄🙄


I voted 'for fun', but meant more that it was an adventure!

Because I didn’t leave the house for a year at least due to mental health, I have lost all muscle and I’m constantly in pain. I thought my anxiety would be worse, that people would stare at me and I was frightened as I’m so unfit and hate being out alone but I’ve started and I’m just about to start week 4. Bit scared to run for 5 mins like as 3 kills me

AAON77Graduate in reply to Olliepop1

Huge well done for starting the programme, and best of luck x

HennieR62Graduate in reply to Olliepop1

How brave you are. 👏 Stick with it and you will amaze yourself x

Ginny57Graduate in reply to Olliepop1

Well done you for braving it. Hope you go from strength to strength- I’m sure you will x

Mabemabe682Graduate in reply to Olliepop1

Keep going, you can do it... well done for getting so far, you are really brave 👏

CustardCactusGraduate in reply to Olliepop1

I was exactly the same don't worry! I hadn't exercised regularly since I was a child due to mental health problems and found just running for a minute hard at the start but I'm now up to 25 minutes continuous and actually really enjoying running! I hated it at the start XD My best tip would be if you're finding it hard just tell yourself you'll run for as long as you can - if you have to stop at 4 minutes that's fine! Just try it again in a couple of days. I repeated the weeks I found hard so that I was confident each time I increased my runs (this also helped stop injuries as I had a lot of issues with my knees at the start!). Huge well done:D I can remember being scared for the 5 minute runs too!

Oh thank you so much that’s very reassuring and a good method I managed 4 mins so I’m going to repeat week 4, so far me not giving up is a massive achievement.

You’re encouragement really helps

CustardCactusGraduate in reply to Olliepop1

Amazing!!! You're almost there :D not giving up is definitely an achievement - when I felt like giving up at a run I came on here too and felt much more motivated after :)


When I was younger I ran quite a lot and wanted to see how I was now ( aged in the upper 70's) . It seems over the 30 minutes I am now covering only about 75% of the distance I did about 10 years ago. Probably to be expected but no big deal and its given me a target for future runs!

I was overweight and very unfit, I was also struggling mentally with this as I’d always been quite active up until my early 30s when I bought my flat. Money was tight and I couldn’t afford the gym anymore. A friend suggested C25K and although I’d never tried running before I decided to give it a go

I have a great friend Celia who’s a personal trainer🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️💪 and she encouraged me. Thanks Celia!👍Now I run further, faster and more often than she does!🤣


Other ; to help whilst giving up smoking. It worked 75 days today smoke free 👍🏻🚭

I’m very overweight, lockdown hasn’t helped and I got a real fright last time I got on the scales. C25k seemed achievable.... little did I know!!!


I wanted to build up to a marathon


My husband and son wanted us all to go out for a bike ride and mine got a flat tyre.... So not to disappoint, I said.... You ride and I'll run! So I downloaded the app and the rest of history 😂🏃🏼‍♀️❤️


Swimming is my passion. I have hated running all my life. I started c25k as a way to keep some degree of fitness after lockdown and the pools closed (mine shows no sign of reopening any time soon). I never ever expected to enjoy it so much. I may be a convert!


Started for physical health but now appreciate the mental health side.


Because my friend did it and I saw her run a 5k race!

To show Fibromyalgia who is boss!!!!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to FibroRun60

Awesome!! xxx

Trying to get fit and need to maintain my fitness as a student nurse. Need to be able to run 2 flights of stairs if crash kit is needed. Not doing as much exercise since having lb and need something i can do at anytime rather than fixed time classes.

Following my Cancer diagnosis and treatment I was fat and worried about bone density and running is great for both weight loss and building bone density. I also appreciated that it was something I could do ALONE without people looking at the fat old lady trying to do something. A side benefit turned out to be there are many beautiful places to run outside and that was great during lockdown


I'd been intending to do it for several years. Got the NHS app on my phone. It sat glaring at me every time I scrolled through my app list.

I finally started it because of lockdown. I want to get fitter and fight off the belly that was starting to appear.

After a few false starts, at the fourth week of the programme I'm already starting to feel the benefits. There's no going back now!

nowsterGraduate in reply to nowster

Just a follow up to past me.

In the last nine months I have lost about a stone and a quarter (8kg) and had to tighten my trouser belt two notches. Belly? What belly?

I feel I have more bounce nowadays.

I've found I really enjoy running, whether it's a quick twenty minutes round the block or a two hour steady plod.

I've nearly worn out a pair of running shoes. I have acquired a larger than needed wardrobe of clothing with a high Lycra content, and I'm not afraid to wear it.

Yes, me from the past, you made a good choice in starting.


Our exercise teacher got us doing 500m around the playing field for warm-up, and then I signed up for a 5K fundraiser for the Stroke Association (my husband is a stroke survivor), after all it would only be 500m ten times! That was 18 months ago, I haven't got any faster, but I'm still running.

Weight loss

MoliJGraduate in reply to Obscura

If only, I have been running for nearly 5 months and I haven’t lost an ounce. 😭

Obscura in reply to MoliJ

:) 4 Weeks in and 4kg / 8.8llbs down. I am a tad [cough] overweight.

MoliJGraduate in reply to Obscura

It’s not fair 😂, mind you I have enjoyed the odd chocolate bar.

Dexy5Graduate in reply to MoliJ

You may not have lost weight but I bet you’ve lost inches and toned up.

MoliJGraduate in reply to Dexy5

That is definitely true. I can also cycle an awful lot further than I could.

Hi, I have completed c25k 4 times now, partly to loose weight and partly to gain fitness.


Because although I walked a lot I knew I needed to get fitter, in order to enjoy holidays, sightseeing etc.

I had been to San Francisco and missed out due to being knackered on those hills!!! Same in Utah when I wanted to climb the trails in Moab. Something had to change 🤪

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Jell6

Me too - I was becoming too slow uphill in the Lake District. 😳

I did it about 5+ years ago, lost weight and got fitter. Decided to do it again but tore a cartilage in my leg so can’t start yet.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to marymargaret

Ouch! Hope it's on the mend!? xx


Decided I was going to get fit enough to walk to the local fell trig point during lockdown, about a 10mile walk/hike. Boxed this off in about 4 weeks and was wondering what other challenge I could set myself when I heard C25K advertised on the radio whilst I was driving home (key worker - not nhs) I’d considered this a couple of years ago and stopped on the couch. As I was close to a local cycle path I just drove to it so I couldn’t wuss out again. That was W1r1 on 11th May the rest is history...

To have half an hour to myself. With 3 kids (1 who is autistic) and a partner who has been made redundant and need some peace!

ReggitGraduate in reply to Cfrosc

Im with you there, we’ve also got an autistic one (6) and another (4) wasn’t daft enough to go for 3


Weight loss and fitness and found the other benefits along the way


So I could run with my daughter.

One of my oldest university friends recommended it to me, she travels a lot for work but tries to run Parkrun every week, where ever she is in the world - and, although we're both now 65, I thought if she could do it, I might be able to. So although I was a deeply committed couch potato and very sceptical that I would manage it, I gave it a go and now I love it.


I do powerlifting mainly for fun ( but I might compete in Masters at some point). Unfortunately I still carry post-menopause timber around my waist :D

So I thought doing C25k would help tip the balance in the right direction.

I'm new to this group and I've only just started 2nd week of C25k but so far I'm really enjoying it...and I hate running, jogging, whatever! I'm looking forward to be converted! :)

I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is managed OK.


I wanted to fund raise for a charity and I thought the only way to do it was to run the Brighton 10K...so I started C25k, I did the 10K and have done more since. Running is rather addictive and I’m still running 2.5 years on. It has kept me mentally healthy too during lock down. Officially I’m ‘elderly/vulnerable’ but going for a run every other day has been a so beneficial. Getting me out of the house and simply run. Fabulous 🙂


I downloaded the podcasts with Laura years ago but never got around to it. I fast-walked Parkrun in July 2019 twice, but then had ankle injuries in autumn. It really was the Lockdown that crystallised it for me, I was able to alternate days, C25k and walking, that got me through the weeks. Something good came out of it.

Other: to get back into running safely after an injury.

Always wanted to run since I was a child and never really got round to it before.


To do a parkrun with the grandchildren. Unfortunately I am injured!!!

CustardCactusGraduate in reply to Grumpypete

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that :( Was the injury running related?

I kept injuring my knees at first (I have osteopenia so it scared me a bit) but buying some proper running shoes (sports shoes have some reduced asics ones which are really good) and knee support sleeves really helped! I still get calf/hip pain if I don't leave rest days or skip my stretches at the end.

I also have the same aim as you - I want to be able to run park run with my friends when I start uni :)

Because I could. After a few months of terrible illness and pain when walking hurt and I was barely able to do that, and running was out of the question, the medical people found a medication that worked, albeit slowly. After a few months of being on the medication the effects built up enough that I could move. Once I discovered I could jog I decided to do 'that running thing' my friend had told me about 🙂

Army application


Approaching an age milestone; wanted to get fitter, drop some weight and have a challenge

To be able to keep up with my kids on their bikes


🤣 I know, it’s seemed like ages since I have been swimming. Every negative brings a positive though, as I might not have started running had I still been swimming. I’d like to continue to do both when things return to normality or as near as.

Weight loss

My wife started, so I was roped in. Now she’s stopped and I’m still running.


I started C25K because my niece, Celia, had stage four bowel cancer. Her sister organised a 30+ strong group of friends - grandmothers, mothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, nieces, friends - to do a Race for Life. I started training in January and ran (slowly) the 5k distance in May 2019. Sadly, Celia died eleven days after the race. Her last message to me was "you rock". And I continued running. (We raised in excess of £15,000 for Cancer Research).

Mabemabe682Graduate in reply to MeddieB

You have done such an amazing thing. I'm so sorry for your loss. Well done to all of you. 👏

Used to run several years ago, then a surgery (2 summers ago) and a serious back injury (last summer) sidelined me. This year (fingers crossed) aside from a neuroma in my right foot that's been a bit of a pain, no major injuries to keep me from starting up again.


Weight loss

Lose a few inches hopefully 😊

When the swimming pools closed in lockdown I had to find an alternative exercise. However since starting c25k I have been swimming in my garden in a 16foot pool using a bungee attached to a fence post that my son sorted out for me. I am also now a graduate from c25k, running 3 x times a week and I am swimming about 1km most days. Exercise has really helped in lockdown I am an NHS nurse specialist and have worked full time throughout Covid crisis, this is on top of having both of my boys home from University. I need to keep fit and the benefits of exercise on my stress levels and mental health have been invaluable. I never thought I would be able to run . I found the early weeks of the c25k programme so hard. I am very grateful to Michael Johnson for keeping me going and I am very proud of myself.!

Birdlady64Graduate in reply to Rachyee

Am very jealous of your 16m pool 😁

Weight loss


I wanted to loose the weight I'd put on after stopping smoking in 2013. I started with 2 brisk walks a day then found c25k.

21 months on I'm still running and all the weight gain has gone. Never in a million years did I ever think I would grow to actually love running.

I have to give a big thank you to this forum as without you all I don't know if I could have done it 😊😊👍👍

I was made redundant and wanted a focus to prove I could achieve something

A personal challenge of starting and. Finishing something !


My friend and I are key workers and needed to relieve some stress so started virtual running together

Additional reason: because I could do it alone and when I choose to.


I ticked other: challenge. I really didn’t think I would be able to do it. To prove my self wrong. Confidence building.


To get back into running again after I abandoned it in 2013 following two fundraising half marathons in six months. Now I run without a training schedule and am no longer forever glancing at a watch to check my pace. Two runs left in the programme and I’ve fallen in love with running for the first time!


I started for my physical and mental health and to help with my weight. But mostly my mental health. I have a stressful job Nursing in the NHS and I couldn't believe how helpful it was to run after a stressful day.

To see if I could do it! 👍


To assist with my Slimming World weight loss programme!

Recovery from injury


to lose the lockdown weight or at least not put more on


Other: for the challenge...to see if I could do it! As a secondary, unexpected, benefit it has aided my weightloss through Weightwatchers and helped tone me up. So happy I tried it 😁 Just graduated the programme for the second time today after a bit of a lockdown setback.


I turned 50, was in the middle of lockdown, baking too much and not wanting to put on weight. Having never been a runner and never expecting to be, I am loving it. Long may my furlough continue🤭 My husband says it's like an addiction😳

It's a good excuse to shut the door on housework, chores, arguments, worries and whatever else so I can have some time for me.


It’s time a got myself fit and healthy!

Weight loss

Continued recovery from cabg which meant I could.


Try to lose some weight

Just because we heard about the app and thought we’d have a go

I need to be able to run after my kids. At the moment I can't run 100m!


Mental health due to furlough to have a purpose to get up at the same time as work every morning


Because my other half (a former committed runner) had been saying for months he was going to get back into running when..... (Numerous excuses why it never happened) and I dared him I'd get off my bum there and then and do Week 1 Run 1.......😂😂


I have never ran in my life before, I challenged myself at 49, never expected to enjoy it as much as I do!!


Needed to be able to breath, couldn't walk upstairs


To be able to reach my 60th birthday in a bit better shape@

I’m actually on Week 3 of second time of doing C25k, wasn’t allowed to run & when I went back to it I really struggled so back to basics because it works!!


Encouraged by my kids, I wanted to prove to myself and all the doubters that life doesn't end when you retire. You're never too old for a new adventure.

Plus some other boring stuff about health etc. 😊


I want to be able to do Parkrun with my partner.

I wanted to lose weight. Running has worked for me in the past

Weight loss

Eighteen months ago my wife had a stroke and recovered very well But was afraid to walk to improve her fitness because she was worried that she might run out of strength away from home so we bought A treadmill so she could exercise at home and it has been amazing for her. As I also needed exercise I started to use the treadmill and just before my 70th birthday found the C25K via Kinomap which seemed to be free and had the NHS logo. It was great running through the countryside with the video and the app controlling the treadmill incline but after a few months as I progressed they demanded a monthly payment which annoyed me as they were still trading under the NHS logo so I moved on to the C25K app on the phone.

I soon found that Running caused shin splints and Achilles’ tendon problems which stopped me for about a month so I decided to walk but as fast as I could. I have now completed the C25K walking at 5kph for the warm up and cool down and 6.2kph for the 30 minute run part, this gives me 4km in the 40 minute work out which I am very pleased with and manage to now keep my heart rate to around 100 bpm. I can walk at 7kph but My heart rate goes up to nearer 150bpm which I think is a bit high. Anyway I completed the C25K just before my 71st birthday and by using the 5:2 diet except I do 4:3 have lost over a stone and quite a few waist inches so all in all I am very pleased. I now need to find a way to continue without it becoming boring. I have been working out 5 mornings a week but have now reduced that to 3 a week but I am now concerned that I will lose momentum as I have achieved my goal. Any suggestions?

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Fun_In_The_Sun

This is wonderful - thank you for sharing!!

What about a goal to run a bit further?


I started for physical health and to lose some weight but I soon realised how running (or shuffling along!) has a positive effect on my mental health too.


I broke my ankle falling in my garden and wanted a challenge to do to prove it was healed and to give me something to aim for!


For a bet!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Teresa1632

Lol! 😊😊😊


To challenge myself to do something that I thought was beyond my capability!

To strengthen bones - I have borderline osteoporosis


I’m a sprinter naturally and wanted to prove to myself that I could also do distance (which I’ve always struggled with). So I guess you could say that it’s all about the challenge for me, the ability to do something that I previously thought was impossible.


To lose weight


I just had the urge to run, something I left behind several times in my life but wanted to come back to.

Goals I haven’t yet achieved in life, run a HM, run a Marathon even 😱 I want to test myself to see what I can do, even though I’ve left it a bit late in the day! I have time now to do what I want.

Positive about Ageing well and wanting to make the most of what I have, to be as fit and strong as I can into later years.

Weight loss

I signed up as an excuse to leave the house. I knew my children and husband couldn’t/ wouldn’t come with me if I was running. I have grown to love it and on days I don’t run I miss it 😀


I did it for physical health but the benefits to my mental health are wonderful😊


Also part of NHS weight loss program.

I enjoy weight lifting more than any cardio workout but I knew I needed to do more cardio to keep my ticker healthy. My grandad is 79 and people mistake him for my dad (I'm 27)and I want to get to his age and look as young as he does and be as fit as he is. He wasn't always healthy and started in his mid 30s with lots of running and swimming and cutting out the bad stuff.

Dealing with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease


I had just lost over 4 stone with diet and exercise. I didn’t want to jeopardise that when the gyms shut and lockdown happened. So c25k was the next step


Other: continuing my recovery from heart surgery in October 2019.

Fitness and positive mood in lockdown


Had already started a diet and decided getting more active may aid my weight loss

I started C25K for the personal challenge!

Other reasons: Because of a radio play/series about people running c25k.

To be fitter for playing hockey.


I was shielding on my own with my Mother, who’s 89, during lockdown. I was going for a walk every day and running down the last part which was a hill. I told my boyfriend (ha, I’m 62, he’s 71) I was running that last bit and he quipped - huh running downhill’s easy, that’s nothing! So, I thought I’ll show him - I’ll do C25K. And I did - in 7 weeks from that day! So it was for a challenge and some freedom from being a carer. Loving out in the country fields and lanes for an hour every other day doing something really worthwhile... I have high blood pressure too so that’s come down considerably since I started. I walked my 5k route with my two daughters the other day and their four little girls - it seemed absolutely miles! And I thought much easier in fact to run it!!! Keep running!

To prove I can still run at 50 and to try running again before it's too late!

That said, I tried W1 twice but still have gone no further: the first time my knees got painful (I found out I wasn't going slow enough), the second something happened to my Achille's tendon which still hasn't improved... I shall try again!!

Achilles tendons can take a long time; go see a decent physio for strengthening exercises that will help and ofcourse take your time; what's the rush haha.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Stef5

Eccentric heel drops are great for supporting the Achilles tendon xx

Stef5 in reply to roseabi

I'll try, thanks.

Mainly weight loss.


I needed some structure in my life after a few weeks of lockdown and starting to feel out of sorts. Don’t know if that counts as mental health! It’s been brilliant.


To prove to myself that I could do it... and to delay / reverse turning into a lump of lockdown lard 👀

Used to run, wanted to check out that I still could. Also had recommended it to a friend, so decided to join her, keeping in touch about our progress by email.

I voted other (as well as physical and mental health). I was going to the doctors for a few minor niggling ailments and while none of them were connected to my physical fitness, I did feel I had to get some control back over my life and taking up the C25k challenge seemed a good place to start.


Recovering from breast cancer I needed a personal challenge to help me get fit again.

I started c25k because I hadmve a problematic piriformis muscle. This programme has helped me strengthen it, over time and regain the confidence to run for 30+ minutes.


Other = To help me lose some weight too 🙈

I truly enjoy it as it makes me feel so much "better" in so many ways. I am very lucky and "run" along beautiful quiet coastal country lanes early in the morning listening to the birds and Michael Johnson; what's not to like. I am 74 as of last week and have lost 1/2 stone since early May; weight I could not shift before C25K. I only run week three over and over again and will repeat one or two additional sections just to get me to the next village. Absolutely brilliant and everybody who can walk should start now and get moving.

Weight loss and to get fitter

I used to run but a knee injury forced me to stop a few years ago. This is a great way to start again and test out my knee. If I could regularly run 3 miles I’d be very 😃

Getting on in life and it's getting harder to keep fit, I have three kids who are very active and I want not just be there for them for a long time but also want to join in with them and also set a good example that we should look after ourselves


Weight loss and help lung capacity.


Hadn’t ran since leaving school in 82. Even then I would skip the cross country running, suddenly wasn’t well that lesson😂. I see so many joggers around and thought I’d love to give it a go but didn’t know how to start. Saw C25K on tv and thought , this is for me. And now on week 9


My son said he was starting it so I casually said I ooh i shall too as the swimming pool was closed. He quit at week 3 and i am still running


Used to run In my 20/30’s just because I wanted to! Did Run the World 10k race but there was no structure. Always walked and cycled found I wanted to run again. My son Robin is a very serious runner and it inspired me to do Ct5k as that’s how he started! Amazing journey...

I just felt it could be fun to do! Inexpensive Covid friendly and a challenge 👍

My Ist transplant anniversary present to myself. I wanted to run 5k and finally Move towards running the marathon.


As rehab for a knee injury and as suggested by my physio

I sabotage illegal hare and fox hunts and discovered that being able to run for extended lengths of time is essential. But I also enjoy running for its own sake and now I'm running longer distances.

To prove to myself I could do it

Because it had bothered me for years that I thought I could do this but on the occasion I tried I had no structured plan so failed each time!


To replace swimming once the pools were closed


I started as training for a wolf run


To lose weight


The lockdown was instrumental, but I felt like I'd forgotten how to do something fundamental... used to run on my own, no apps, no measuring, just running, just because that's what we humans are meant to do, if we're lucky enough to have legs and lungs that support it. Then I got into a bad relationship and years of abuse and bullying meant I had to give it up and I kind of gave myself up too. I fought back and gradually life got better and better. It's taken years. I saw a post on facebook in lockdown from someone I know of, who had I just completed it, and it was so genuine and full of joy it made me think, I have to just try again. The programme is, I think, one of the most amazing programmes out there for supporting the unconfident and unsure, those who are recovering and all of us who feel imperfect. And the people (you and me) on the forums are incredible. Thank you 😊😊😊

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Mabemabe682

Wonderful!!! xxx


Weight loss!

And ...

To let my family (and me) know that I am not just here to do things for them and that I am allowed to focus my attention on myself. It was good to show them (and me) that I can follow a plan and complete it. Their expectations (and mine) quickly changed from ‘Mummy can't to ‘mummy can! ‘

Everyone on the site is so supportive. It is really great! I read people’s replies and it feels like they are talking to me -even though they aren’t directly.

Mabemabe682Graduate in reply to Run4Hills

It's so good for a family to see this, will directly benefit them, but more importantly, you first. 👏

To lose weight and have fun ‘ lost over a stone and still enjoying it . Best thing ever. 👍


I was a regular runner and loved it but kept injuring myself, would rest up and go and re injure myself so C25K took all the pressure of me and since finishing about 9 months ago I’ve been ok apart from a bit of plantar fasciitis which I can’t seem to get rid of completely. And then lockdown meant I had the time to get out of the house and have a regular running routine. I would recommend it to all of my non runner friends.


I started because my lovely dog became ill and increasingly disabled and was unable to go for walks. I realized that I was getting very little exercise without her company so, despite being a lifelong anti-runner I decided that this was a good challenge and a way to improve my fitness.

To aid weight loss


Friend's recommendation, plus as a reaction to lockdown, which was much stricter in France than in the UK.


My daughter suggested last December that we sign up to do The Race for Life 5k charity run 2020 together , so on 1st January 2020 I started C25K as a complete novice runner . The event has sadly been cancelled this year due to Covid , of course :(


I decided to start doing the Couch to 5K app as I signed up to do Cancer Research's Race for Life in memory of my late Grandpa, who had prostate cancer.

I'm still planning on doing my Race for Life, even though it's been cancelled because of the pandemic, as I don't want to let anyone down who's donated to my fundraiser, as I've raised over £300 so far.

I don't want to let my Grandpa down either, even though I know he's not around for me to speak to, so that I can let him know how my training's going and why I signed up to do the Race for Life.

It's just that I'd like to think he'd be proud of what I'm doing and how far I've come, even though there's been times where I've felt like giving up as my training's got harder.

I've just started doing week seven of the Couch to 5K app, as I just did my first run of week seven today.

I think it went ok, even though I was hoping I'd have done it better than I did.

Thanks in advance if you've been reading this, as I know I've written quite a lot about why I decided to start doing the Couch to 5K app.

I hope everyone's doing ok, or ok as possible with what's going on, and that you're doing ok however far you are into your Couch to 5K journey's.

With lots of best wishes from Jonathan.

Mabemabe682Graduate in reply to whovian1991

That's so amazing, keep going 👏

roseabiAdministrator in reply to whovian1991

Lovely to read - thank you for sharing!! You can do it xxx


At 54 and no excuse as schools were closed and I am a teacher. So had time to do it. Have lost 20lbs and BP dow n to normal range and resting heart rate dropped to low level. Love the feeling of achievement and just being able to leave the front door and run! So good for sense of well being. Love the programme. Thank you


Inspired by seeing a Santa run when I was 60, and decided I wanted to do it the following year. I did!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Dexy5

Santa runs are awesome, aren't they!! xx

Dexy5Graduate in reply to roseabi

It was everything I hoped it would be - running turned out to be better!


Weight loss (2 stone so far!!)


Hadn’t been jogging for a while due to injuries. Decided to do c25k and start from the beginning 😊


Wanted a personal challenge, to prove I could do it x


An element of chance. - I needed an alternative way to keep fit in the darkest part of Winter when it is not easy to cycle safely - I was at work in all the week day daylight hours.

My daughter suggested C25K- I laughed & said “Don’t be silly, I can’t run!” Then I decided that I could probably manage W1 & repeat that for 3months - at the end of each week I thought “I might as well try the next!”😄

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Elfe5

Brilliant!!! xxx


Weight loss (it’s not working 😝(

I wanted / needed to something just for me

C25k is absolutely fantastic and I’ve recommended to loads of people, many of whom have given it a go and got the bug 😬


I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I am 63 and years ago worked with an older lady who ran marathons, loved running, and was evangelical about the benefits. She told me “anyone can run” . When Joe Whiley suggested finding a mantra “anyone can run” became mine - it worked well with the rhythm of my steps too! Thanks to my old colleague Rene I can say it’s true - anyone really can run.

A new way of exercising


The initial reason was mental health and getting out of the house during lockdown. The physical health benefits have been great though!


Because it was there! Like Everest. And needed climbing.


I started C25K when after running for 9 years had an injury and used it to get back into running when I thought I was finished.

I have used it a couple of times now.

I recommend it to everybody .

To keep fit while growing old.


To lose weight!

Haven’t started yet, still nervous about going out😳

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Chicky12

One step at a time - you can do it!!! xxx

I have always been a swimmer and for 30 years that is all I've done, so I wanted to try something different, I ran at school 40 years ago and haven't run since really, other than playing sport. Weight loss too.


To have confidence to participate in park runs.

Needed to loose weight after lockdown and was a perfect app to help me get back into running.

Great idea for a survey.

I used to run a lot, then working in London and injuries led me away from it.

Instead of just starting running again I thought I'd try a "proper" program and the Cto5k was excellent. The forum support, Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson!) telling me to slow down or go for it really helped so never felt alone.

I'm now regularly running 10-12ks 3 times a week and would have lost my mind in lockdown without running (an unforeseen benefit, thank God I got back before the world went into apocalypse mode). I'd forgotten how much running just switched my mind off and let my subconscious sort out issues, so for me it's really the Mental Aspect that I missed.

Thanks for being there y'all



roseabiAdministrator in reply to ukrmurl

Wonderful!! xxx


Because I believed the hype. "Anyone can run". "You'll love it if you try it". It's not true. I graduated by virtue of doing 3x30 minute shuffly jogs in W9, but that doesn't make me a runner! I also disliked it - a feeling which didn't improve with 50 consolidation jogs. I am very envious of those who can really run, but C25K didn't do it for me!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Oldman51

It's not for everyone, but you tried so hard - you are amazing!! I hope you have found some other exercise you enjoy?



To see whether I could do it before my next birthday and to join my son and daughter in law on park runs

The only exercise that doesn’t require tons of kit, expensive gym membership, spatial awareness, co-ordination nor a sense of superiority!


I was fed-up not being able to take part in active charity events like my colleagues. I was determined to take part in a 5k race for life. And I did . I didn't run it all - mainly because there were so many people walking on narrow paths, hardly anyone could run - but c25k gave me the encouragement to enter and take part. I haven't run during lockdown because there have been too many people about! Now that things are slowly returning to normal I think I will be starting again.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to 78DJ

That's good! xxx

Mostly for health reasons, but also wanted to do parkruns with my daughter. I'm approaching 60 and felt I was getting creaky and stiffening up! Completed C25K and a parkrun just before Xmas after having to restart in October due to a knee injury not running related. Currently in second restart, from Wk 6, as haven't managed to run much at all during lockdown, more knee problems, but have upgraded shoes and I'm back in the groove. It's been an amazing journey 😍 never thought I could run for 30 mins!


Weight loss, mental and physical fitness.


I've been fairly active over the past few years but my stamina was none existent. So far my stamina is improving

I needed to get my heart rate up as walking and biking weren’t doing it. I so struggled to run for a minute to start with. It was a fantastic decision 👍


Could never get into running. Mentally I found it boring & couldn`t do it for more than chasing after a ball or bus.(Could cycle for miles no problem).

However I always loved the idea of just needing a pair of shoes & then GO! Bikes need so much pre/post ride fettling!

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to set myself a challenge/goal. Running seemed the toughest one for me with the best potential benefit.

So, there we are!

To improve on my power walking pace!


Initially I started with just the hope of improving my physical health and warding off the lockdown mental health gremlins, but I’m now onto week 6 and never expected to find it so much fun 😀 I’ve become quite evangelical about running, I think I’m boring my family with the constant updates! Sadly I’ve developed some pain down my left shin so I’m doing the sensible thing and resting it for a couple of weeks, looking forward to getting back out there with Michael J!


Saw loads of others running and thought “maybe I can do that”


I began to support my husband who has lung issues. I cried at the thought as it was the last thing I ever wanted to do! However 2 years later I am still running. My max is 5.5 k and still can’t tell you why I am doing it. But I do miss running if I have a week with no runs

Because I used to run (middle-distance, cross-country), and want to get back to being able to - at any time

I started couch to 5k having been shielding and needing a way to get me outside in a structured way. I've still not really gone out for anything else, but enjoying the running!


Physical and mental health, and to help lose some weight!

Weight loss 🏃‍♀️

Weight lose


Also as a challenge to achieve something


My partner runs & as i am a single dad with 2 little ones 75% of the time I needed a sport i coukd do when i could on my own initially & with my partner when I get/got more accomplished. she did wk 4 with me & one of my 5k consolidation runs - 35 mins.

Losing weight


Even though I have continued to work during lockdown (deputy head) and go into school every day, home time has been earlier. This has allowed me to do something for myself and give me a challenge away from work! Loving it!


Weight loss


To complement diet for weight loss but also to enable me to potentially join some charitable events (organised by younger members of my family) to raise money for research into a medical condition that has impacted us over the last year.


For physical health, but also to "finish" something, to follow the plan and not cheat, or jump ahead, to really earn the final rewards (whatever they might be)

And what a fantastic programme it is!!

To replace my twice weekly gym fix during lock down.

Once they re-open will have the problem of how to fit in a couple of gym sessions plus 2 or 3 runs plus some walking / hiking each week :(


I'd had to give up swimming because of inner ear problems, and was feeling a bit lost without an exercise regime. A friend of mine who was quite overweight, and had never done any exercise as far as I knew did C25K, and wrote a really good blog about it. Well, I thought if he can do it so can I.....

Weight loss is my 'other' reason, although not my focus. Main reason is physical and mental health, and limited options in lockdown.

For weight loss


to get my 12 year old son off his screen and instead of daily long dog walks with me, running was going to be more time efficient and 'cooler' for him, and so I started to be able to motivate him along with me.... it has worked!

For my self esteem and self confidence


To replace swimming during lockdown. Love it. Will do both now


I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Jan and needed to get control of my health, especially with the threat of COVID. I am now on WK8 OF COUCH25K and loving it and along with doing Slimming World I have lost almost 3 Stones.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Baggaz

You are amazing!!!


I needed to focus on my job , my life , my menatlhealth and my physical health after a very emotional bereavment

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Bracken2018

Hugs xxx

Bracken2018Graduate in reply to roseabi

Thank you , it means a lot to me when somebody else taken the time to give me a virtual hug. Its truly appreciated, sent from the bottom of my heart.


I live in a very flat area, but love hill walking. Running is giving me the cardio exercise that I was getting from an uphill treadmill at the gym, until it closed - so hopefully keeping me fit for hills - and I am now enjoying it more than expected.


Too many months of hedonistic pleasure in France... persuaded also by offspring...I kept the running up... they did not:)


I had done once, but took a break. Started again to support a friend new to running. She’s now faster than me by week 8.🤨


I started the couch to 5k as part of my recovery from a horrific accident earlier this year. In January I was taken out by another skier on a ski slope in France. It was awful, up until that point I was very active so you can imagine howawful it was not to put any weight on one leg for almost 8 weeks. There was a lot I couldn't do for a long time , and starting to crutch walk was hard. Eventually 7 weeks ago my physio said I could start gentle jogging...This week I begin week 8 of couch to 5k, there is still a long way to go, the Couch to 5k is giving me some structure towards getting back to being me. Oh and I need to loose the weight I gained by not being so active...still not up to fat burning yet, but that will come...

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Musej

My goodness that sounds terrible, you poor thing!! You have such grit and determination though, you are so inspiring!!! xxx

Other, my daughter did run 1 and told me about it, i thought that sounds like fun and the rest is history


My other choice was for weight loss. I'm now in my 21st week of running and have lost 11 lbs. I have also been counting calories so not achieved through running alone, but the running has definitely helped!


I love running. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. !!

For exercise to support weight loss


Gain endurance and a better-looking body.


Overweight because of lockdown, have piles and needed the excercise with nowhere to go, and so glad to be a runner. A new skill learnt. So chuffed.


Couldn't play badminton.


Weight loss and to train for race 4 life

Diagnosed prediabetic


Time outdoors. Improve fitness & cardiac ability. Sense of achievement.


Dr Told me that I was pre-diabetic, I started C25K two days later


Weight loss and cardio training for climbing!

Improve fitness for hillwalking, as I noticed that as the older I get I lose fitness so quickly when inactive.


I started because I have inexplicably gained a stone in 12 months despite nothing else changing at all.

Have loved the running and am without doubt fitter and have greater stamina .

Haven't lost an ounce exactly the same as when I started. Hugely disappointing .


because of lockdown.....

Physical and mental health, I recently lost my mother in law and she always asked how I was doing with it and said she was pleased for me so I'm also doing it to make her proud cos she would kick my butt if I gave up now, or in her words, haunt me!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Bluebell84



To safely return to running after a 6-year absence.


I had a slightly high cholesterol reading and my doctor said rather than going on statins, I should get the old ticker working a bit more.

C25K is an ideal plan for me to help manage injury recovery


Physical Health

Mental Health

Poll is old so it’s probably closed already

roseabiAdministrator in reply to JetsNanna

Still seeing the comments - thank you for posting! Did you find C25K helped you to achieve your goals? xxx

JetsNannaGraduate in reply to roseabi

100% I also found this forum invaluable so thank you and your fellow ambassadors, adminstrators etc.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to JetsNanna

That's amazing!!! It's a pleasure to be of help xxx


Did C25k+B210K+Marathon 2017/2018, fell off the wagon in 2020. Now back to almost being a non-runner. Need to start again with C25K to build back my running legs and lose 10kg.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lordi

Hey! I believe in you xx


To curb cravings when I quit smoking 🚭


Weight loss

To get the final piece of my Triathlon Puzzle

roseabiAdministrator in reply to dkhilton



A colleague mentioned in a work Teams call this summer hat he'd just completed C25K. I'd never heard of it, but thought it sounded like something that could help me get through the mid-life blues. I started in October. I've repeated 2 weeks so far along the way. Every run is still hard. This must be in my head because I've done 25mins twice now! I've promised myself I'll tell my colleague once I've completed so I have to do it. Reading posts on here has actually given me a lift. Onwards & upwards !

roseabiAdministrator in reply to zaqi

You can do it!!! xxx

Weight loss too

Weight loss


Lockdown created a 'void' and lack of structure that I need for my mental well being- being in 'Limbo' is a rotten terrible place- I had to kick my arse and set a challenge that would improve ME - the benefits have been immeasurable.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Teresafaith

That's amazing!!!! xxx


Weight loss whilst Gyms are shut

Another 60th birthday kick up the backside here. I started it because I had osteopenia and knew that osteo arthritis was going to follow, so I wanted to get mobile and stay that way. I didn't expect to get bitten by the bug! I'm now impatiently hopping on and off the injury couch trying to get properly started again.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to grumpyoldgirl

That's kind of why I started it too!

Hope you're up and running again really soon xxx


To have the stamina to play with my children!


Other - to hit a golf ball further!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to GigglyBFC


To see if I can get over my dislike of running. So I have something to do when the weather/traffic is not inspiring me to cycle. Because it seems like a natural thing that I should enjoy.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to DylanTheRabbit

Well good luck! xxx

I want to enjoy my children for longer , right now I'm 36 my son is 7 an daughter is 5 they are growing an Developing so quickly blink and you'll miss it! C25k is giving me the chance to keep up! :) x

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Crazyrocheter



Plus weight loss

To get shapely legs and a flat stomach.

For regular enjoyment of fresh air and countryside through the week

roseabiAdministrator in reply to D25K

Great reason!

So my granddaughter and I could have a healthy activity we can do together