A requested poll. Do you clean your running shoes?


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41 Replies

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  • Never have. All that ingrained mud is a memory of every run. A badge of honour to be worn proudly

  • I mainly run on roads and pavements so don't get them muddy.

  • Cross country running spikes will need a clean but running shoes can benefit from the odd puddle!

  • But not regularly and depends on the state of them, I do a lot of trail running. Never in the washing machine though. They get hosed down or cleaned in the shower and left to dry naturally, use newspaper to stuff (change regularly) to help get the insides completely dry.

  • Oh puddles are awesome for a quick on the run clean ;)

  • Yes but just a quick rinse of the soles under the outside tap

  • I just brush off any dirt with an old washing up brush. I never wash them them though.

  • Love it!

  • Definitely not! As runner56 says, they are badges of honour! I do bash/brush them to get the lumpy bits off πŸ˜„ but that's all - follow manufacturers instructions!


  • That made me LOL! I put No, because honestly I don't, expecting to be in the minority. Ha ha ha! I was wrong! I have not been able to run for over a month now, but my little beauties are still sitting on my kitchen doormat at a jaunty angle, winking at me, and I look down at them fondly, despite their muddy appearance. Reminds me of my last run, happy memories! Can't wait to get out there again! Great poll RFC! Floss x πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  • I am running mainly on pavements and park tarmac roads so rarely get dirty shoes. An occasional wipe is all they get.

  • No i love the fact they carry a little piece of every run, walk, bit of exercise. I love seeing them get shabbier cos it oroves to me that ive achieved something.

  • Yes. In the washing machine inside a bag. But only "if needed "!!

  • I usually run along by the sea so shoes only get sandy....then I did my first park run in the mud!!! I am very proud to have Derby mud on my running shoes!!!

  • Ive voted yes but that is only when dirty not after every run.

  • Only when they get seriously ditched!!

  • Never. I earned every bit of dirt and mud 😊

  • A quick bash together if not bad, but if grit and mud on the inside then yes - being that I run down by the river. So that is why I have more than one pair - feet can only stand so much exfoliation - ha ha!

  • I'd never be able to get them on again if I didn't. I often come back with a large portion of peat bog in mine.

    I also feel it is probably good practice for biosecurity if you run in a lot of different places.

  • I love that I was ashamed to vote "no" and then found out how many other slobs there are here. :)

    I do have some standards although they're quite low; I wear my old trainers if it looks very muddy out, or I'm trail running, and my nice new still-quite-clean trainers if I'm running around nice dry streets in front of clean-living citizens.

  • Ha, ha, love that 'clean living citizens' ! πŸ˜‚


  • Me too, now I have two pairs! The new ones are for dry weather or at least, not too muddy. The old ones will go anywhere. I do also have trail shoes, but haven't worn them in aaaages as they're from the days before I discovered the joy that is properly fitting running shoes, so are just a tiny bit small...

  • I use two pairs so they always have at least a day to dry off.

    Then a quick clout on the wall and anything that shouldn't be there is gone.

  • Only when dirt gets so heavy it slows me down.

  • Only once when I had to washing machine wash them as they were completely covered in mud.

  • I'm probably a slut but I do knock of the worst of the dirt before putting them on again

  • I don't clean my running shoes, but I recently bought some trail shoes as I had to run on grass/mud on Boxing Day, and I had to wash them.

  • I never cared much about my white shoes with blue soles, but my peppermint shoes with white soles and my lovely pink new ones with white soles - yes, if they've been through mud, I wash them under the tap with a nail brush and washing up liquid. Not just after every run, only if they're filthy. My Garmin has all my "badges of honour" not my shoes.

  • Hurrah! My beautiful blue shoes got quite muddy at Xmas Eve parkrun and they went straight under the tap as soon as I got home. These young folk have no standards.... πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

  • I have cleaned them twice, when muddy. Just let them dry overnight then brushed off the mud. So far I have mostly run on roads but hope to change that and run on grass more often

  • I only clean them if they are mud encrusted, and as I mostly run on pavements that doesn't often happen. However I've just scrubbed the soles clean and washed the shoes as I'm taking them to NZ and they are very fussy about bio hazards so you don't want the shame of having them clean your shoes in front of you!

  • I clean mine if the get muddy etc! Love to see them 'proper purple' not minging mud πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Ÿ

  • Cleaned once in a blue moon and only if they're totally mud encrusted. So although I said 'yes' it's probs only been once or twice!

  • Mostly when they are absolutely covered in mud....

  • I said yes, but only because I had to after treading in minging dog poo. Yuk!

  • If using trail shoes I just bang off the worst of the mud if using again soon.. My road shoes don't get too dirty, so not nessacary to clean often..

  • Not yet, but I've only just finished w1 d2 πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Never. The mud dries off then can be knocked off by banging them together. Wash! Nah ☺

  • I voted no but I do clean my trail shoes which get caked in mud when it's wet.

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