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Health insurance not covering medication.


Good Morning... I live in the US Illinois. I just switched health insurance. Upon a phone conversation with them about my medications I found out that 2 of my rescue inhalers are no longer covered ( Ventolin and Pro Ventolin ) very irritating !!

Is anyone else having this problem ? What other inhalers are out there ?

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I am having the same problem, they stopped Dulera, trying myself to find one that is alike that one to try. What a mess.

So far mine are still covered but you never know from one month to the next. I use Advair, Spiriva and Albuterol. I've used these for years.

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I just found out my insurance does not cover this.

So I get inhaers online. This is website where I found them: :)

Coupon code "SA10LE" to get 10% off. Good Luck.


I live in Washington D.C and I use Advair disk,Spirivia, and Ventolin, so far I'm still covered, however once the Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act honestly I'm a little nervous because I don't know what will happen

Where you are and the exact insurance company and plan have great bearing on availability and pharmacy list. I use Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois HMO from my wife's work for medicines. Advair Discus 250/50 is $100 with insurance and $382 without. I use ProAir for for rescue inhaler but don't have information on cost since I have had it for 2 years.

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It's going to get bad...who can afford it? Dulera would cost me $300 a month.

Hi 55-61sept-33 I'm on a Medicare advantage plan and every year another drug I use for COPD is removed from coverage. I use to use Anoro Elipta and they stopped covering that for 2017. I use Proair HFA for my rescue inhaler since my insurance covers it. If it's relatively new on the market the insurance companies don't want to pay for it. We wait forever for research to come up with something new to help and then insurance won't cover until it can be made generically. It appears to be all about the almighty dollar and not all the people fighting for a deep breath.

I have MAP with United Healthcare. Past two years I had MAP with Humana . I read a article today from GoodRX and by the end of 2017 different insurance companies will stop paying for certain meds around 500 total.

Humana wasn't going to cover my rescue inhalers and now I find out my new insurance won't cover them either and a good chance my Symbicort won't be covered.

We need to keep complaining to our Congress and Senators in the USA.

Pharmacist told me Breo and Anora are similar.

My insurance covers Breo $44.00 per month

I have blue Cross blue shield they cover the generic ventolin

And arnuity

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