Complex PTSD Survivors

Survivor in hell my sentance hell

We hope that one day this country will exept us victims as the hell don't end anyone living in hell in your head every day 11yrs now my life ended that day so did me as a mother a women as yes I lost everything now as of multiple co morbidities strange no it's my life is Jessie j song big white room as that's my life but not knowing if another probation lets him out the ill health is detiorated every day can't leave to ill so I pray that I have strength for all to know public that this man what he done could have sold this to national papers as well known people I could bring down but no as they was lucky enough to pay him off being there mother was affected how much before me I want to contact them to say justice is done if he dose life as I'm doing it mentally and PHYICALLY in hell not even mental health team shit I'm so alone coming to end if the bastard gets out his life mine ends