Complex PTSD Survivors

Step back and keeping quiet

I’ve been attending trauma group now for the last three weeks but after the snow cancelled last week and being in, people’s comments about bump size, how I walked, looked, all became overwhelming and for the first time in ages I sucumbed to self harm! Arms and over throat. When I’d mentioned to midwife last week increase in anxiety and feelings of down she said about thinking of medication again but I’m really against that (for me). I attended trauma group today and just felt so sad when she spoke of examples to help self because I feel I do do a lot to help self and push self so think it upset me more because I was thinking “what can I do now?”

She offered to be there if anyone wanted to touch base but I just needed to run away from there. I knew I’d more likely be honest to her because she’s a psychologist and may “get it” but scared due to being pregnant the repucussions of opening up in that way. Just had to vent :)