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May be triggering

I am over 50 y/o and I have survived severe physical, emotional and sexual abuse(when I was a kid). I tried to get away from my abusers several times. I tried emancipation(but couldn't prove I could support myself), asking to be sent to a group home, running away, getting police involved, etc. Back in the day, no one wanted to get involved. I never thought I would make it to 18 y/o.

I left as soon as possible. I never asked them for anything, but to be left alone. They didn't. They constantly called me, sent me things like stuffed vultures on my birthday, etc. I hired an attorney to send them letters to leave me alone. Tried getting a restraining order, but because it was my mother, they said "II should just get over it, after all, she was my mother". They said if she left dead animals on my doorstep, then they could give me a restraining order. If not, no restraining order. I was left wondering where I could find road kill to put on my doorstep and then they would give me a restraining order.

They/she has always hired private investigators to find me. I am an adult! Leave me alone!

My mother just started calling me again. I am so afraid. She will continue to call me, I know it. Eventually, she will start driving across the state to show up on my doorstep AGAIN. This is driving me crazy. I don't even feel safe in my own house(AGAIN). Call the police? yeah, they will come, but I can't tell them it's my mother knocking on my door and sitting in my driveway. They will say the same thing as before," It's just you're mother, she is getting older, Try to get along, . . .

I am in my own house, and adult. I shouldn't have to go through this. I didn't do anything wrong. How do I make her leave me alone? How do I ever feel comfortable anywhere? Confront her? No, that is just adding fuel to the fire. She is doing just what her mother did. I will leave you alone if I can just hold you one more time, . . .

WTF do I need to do for privacy? I don't know how to deal with this anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

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HOLY STALKER, BATMAN! What your mother is doing is against the law. Like I said, it's called stalking; and she is (was) an abuser. I don't understand why the courts don't get that.


sorry your going through this, change your phone number and don't give it to anyone who knows your family. Also, if you can..move and make sure they don't have your address. Your not obligated to respond, I don't, and life has gotten better in every way.


Thanks fauxartist, but they hire private investigators. to find me. I have moved to get away from them, not contacted them, never used my real name online, etc. They always find me.


I am so sorry your going through this...


Thanks fauxartist. I like your owls!


I can honestly say I'm getting same from me adult kids and no one gives a shit I'm trying move as this is hell as you no .your not alone I do understand its torcher