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Mental to physical

I'm new to this community. I had been experiencing a mystery illness for over 10 years and was misdiagnosed with MS. After seeing new doctors and a therapist I discovered I was suffering from a form of ptsd. I never understood how powerful mental, emotional and physical trauma from childhood would effect me as an adult. I am learning to talk about it now. To work through things I had forgotten and most of all, not hide my feelings. I am feeling better, but nowhere near who I want to be.

I hope to find others to talk to and share with

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I am interested in your post as I too feel I have a form of ptsd. My doctors seem to think not, but I disagree with them. The just ask me why I think that and when I tell them they discount me. They are otherwise very good doctors so I feel to find any help, I'll have to rely on my own efforts. Thanks for the post. Glad you don't have to deal with the MS crap.


We are here for you, Fee09.

PTSD and C-PTSD do things to your body that many doctors don't get.

I find medical doctors to be rather confusing. People who actually have a physical problem are sometimes told it is all in their head or they are having stress. That's the doctor's way of dismissing you and telling you to go away. This happens a lot if you are a woman. It happened to me twice. Neither occasion had to do with my C-PTSD.

If you have physical symptoms due to PTSD they want to use you as a lab rat and give you treatments you don't need. I'm glad you got a second and third opinion. sometimes you have to be your own advocate.


Luckily, my current group of physicians seem to be aware of these conditions. I was asked some very direct questions after going over my medical records, dating back over 20 years. They were able to direct me to the right help. It has been amazing how much I've done in less then a year. After going through so much in my life.

I still have a way to go but each day is different than the one before, so i take that as a victory

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