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Feeling so numb *maybe triggering*

Seems like just im living and not progressing. I'm on leave from work until Dec 18. Worried will not be ready to go back. Night mares & flashbacks are getting stronger. I am taking a Dbt skills class, which is helping slightly. It's actually an IOP program. I do have a different therapist at the program, but I don't really know her or trust her. There is a nurse practioner that I see for medication. I have not received any medication. I really do not like this woman. I'm in her office for about 5 min because I have nothing to say to her. I'm really tired of them asking "are you safe" why would I tell them if I had a plan so they can lock me up in the hospital. Also, frustrated due to the trainer doesn't understand have no appetite and can't eat. On a positive note, the therapist does understand about me not eating. She wants me to start on focusing on getting some extra sleep.

Feeling alone & hopeless. Now, that I can't see my own therapists until I'm done. My healing have been placed on hold. Every morning waking up in a bad mood due to wishing not to wake up. Still can't shed a tear and always in a bad mood. So tired & exhausted of everything and don't know what to do. Right now feeling so neasous and have a migraine. Just ready to give up.

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Change7777 it may suck but it sounds like you were in the best place. Are you feeling better?

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Yes, Allison feel a much better. Almost done with the iop program. Still did not get the OK to go back to work. The one on one therapy was only about 30 min a week & group was 3x week for 3hrs. My pcp wants me to continue therapy with my regular therapist 2x a week for several weeks before going back to work. Thank goodness for health insurance. DBT skills class truly helped tremendously. I still have many bad days, but with practice I should see a big difference.

Believe DBT skills should be a must for all trauma victims & then CBT therapy.

Have a great day.

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I'm so glad Change7777 I was worried!

Please keep us posted :)




Yes, i will. My mood is still up and down. Sorry, if had you worried.