Operation and PTSD

Can anyone help as had hip operation 16hours in recovery screaming and fighting as I'm told .every time I'm put under even local after for don't no how long but I'm in a state like I'm grief stricken and I also got ADHD liver cirrhosis from drink 3years not touched it .also in hospital or home night terras but I don't no I had them screaming ect please is it my PTSD

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  • How may we support you Faithfull ?

  • I'm terrified as I have to have another small camera into my stomach I had it done in March and it's not the having it done it's after I go in a state of unbelievable grief staring at wall for hours thinking it's been 20min and confused about what bit of me life I'm in or how many adult kids I got welts 5 but I'm worried as I got 3 appointments in two weeks and they all make me nerves bad as I don't understand what's going on anymore I'm 53yrs old and never go out as I been and am to scared as can't walk far without pain in body panic inhead I'm having bad day night I'm so isolated it's bad.

  • How are you I no I'm up every night don't matter as can't stand days ,anyway it ain't all about me I do so much grateful for u keeping in touch bless ur heart, and my solitary confinement has been lifted by you and also all on here as i and people like us lot need that support thank you

  • That does sound scary. Have you expressed to your doctor the immense fear you feel to the point of panic? Have they offered to give you something to ease your discomfort?

    As far as the lack of sleep, have you tried scheduling an appointment with your family doctor, or psychiatrist? They may be able to offer suggestions :)


  • There is no changing dr time there is nothing and therapist that is invisible unless you pay mhs shit since that evil ba stared my be realesed on TVs what he done will never leave them women as for the fear of not knowing yr in yr out if let out women are still in there prisons , my fear when they no where you live I'm broken in life lost my kids my life my will to live suited yes done it many times now I'm probably die cirrhosis housebound feel like giving up I been raped mind body soul

  • I'm sorry Faithfull

    I've been in places of immense fear (recently too) and it can be debilitating. Some of the tools I use are essential oils (lavender and vetiver), hot tea, go to an AA meeting, call my sponsor, take a walk, pray to infinite spirit, stretch and most importantly tell myself "this too shall pass". It may sound corny, but in my experience it works.

    Sending ease and flow your way.



  • Bless you for answering I'm so I'll my life is going over like time travelling I remember exactly every detail in many life death situations no I have not been to war but I'm at war with nhs shit year in year out whatch and wait menningona in head cirrhosis can't walk far not been out house yrs hospital is my day release living with the past is more frightening than future sorry I'm in hell but I want peace I want to be alive grieve stricken that this is my past I lost everything in my life my kids grandchildren I never met my daughter I don't know one aught we with me she has PTSD alongside health bad so we have to except that no one will help us and we just had about all we can take .d

  • My heart goes to you @Faithful ❤️

  • And mine to yours thankyou