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Both of us!

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I had an emergency surgery in January and landed up with a stoma bag. Now my husband has been diagnosed with colonic cancer and will have an operation on 17 August. He has been advised that he might have a stoma bag afterwards.

I have managed to get used to mine, but I find the thought of him having to cope quite daunting. Also don’t think the plumbing will cope!!

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Sorry to read you both might be going through the exact same stoma thing.Maybe the fact you have one already will make it less daunting. You can help each other and support each other? I hope that's the case and you both get along well if you do both end up with one.

Still a chance his operation will not end with him having one.

Either way please don't worry. Yes I know it's easy to say that, but you will have the support of the stoma nurse and other groups like this.

At least the plumbing will be kept busy 😃

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Bandittabby in reply to Paulpp

Thank goodness he didn't need a stoma, but as he is now suffering with incontinence and has had to have a catheter reinserted, I'm not sure that he wouldn't have been better off with one!! However it's early days as he only had his surgery two weeks ago, so I am hoping that these symptoms might be temporary. Have any of you been similarly affected?

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Sorry to hear about you and your husband. Years ago I had ulcerative colitis and after doing research found a doctor who would do something beside a colostomy bag. But first, because he has colon cancer, sometimes if you can find the right surgeon, they can resection it. In my case they just removed the entire colon and I was given a Koch's Pouch. There is also an option of a J Pouch which is connected to the rectum. The Koch's Pouch if you can find a surgeon who performs this surgery lasted me for over 28 years until I had a bowel constrict and was forced to have an ostomy bag installed...that was 9 months ago, and it took me about 5 months to get used to it. Do some research and find out the options. The Koch's Pouch and J Pouch and I think there is some other kind to are excellent and most comfortable options and are much easier to control.

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