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Trouble with adjusting to new symptoms

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I am having bad frontal headaches for a week or so and very.little sleep. The bag has spilled all over the place (mostly when I wake up) Not a lot of help at home. The film crew from Hoarders or Martha Stewart are NOT at the door. Am in some pain had surgery Oct 7th 2020. Maybe I need to cry.

4 Replies
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Hi sorry to hear that u not feeling too good. I had surgery now for 4 yes. Leaking of bag happens as u are laid down, and when u change positions. What I do is use the half moon shapes tape for extra protection. I have a retracted stoma so I can go through 10/15 bags that's on good days. Headaches could be that u are not taking enough drinking throughout the day.

Hope u feel better soon.

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Hi Bheizer

I’m so sorry to hear your having a bad time at the moment, first thing if you feel like you need a good cry have one no shame in that, then contact your stoma nurse about your bag they are a great help. Your headache might be dehydration so maybe lucozade sport but make sure you make it flat, I pour two into a big jug they are good for electrolytes which helps us all, good luck I do hope you feel better soon 👍😃.

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I had the same problem as you, although didn't have the headache. If the problem is the bag does not hold a lot, they do make larger bags, however I think maybe your problem is the adhesive doesn't hold. There is a product called "cohesive" which you place over the bag adhesives and it really holds. Contact your stoma nurse to get some of these and I do hope you get better.

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Perhaps you are not using the correct bags.

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