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High Output

Hi zI am 3 weeks five days after an ileostomy,having trouble with my output.I have to set my alarm every two hours all through the night ,exchausted. Mentally I am fine going for long walks,polished house ,gone to shops.I only eat white (nightmare) .How long will this last.

Getting cramps but nothing I cannot handle.Had a lot of problem with leaks,

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Hi Sealeaf

I myself suffered with high output for 5 weeks (up to 3-4 litres per day) but I had to stay in the hospital until this was resolved. The high output was due intrusiveness of my operation as I had severe derveticulitis, which required a substantial section of my bow removed.

I was taking 8 Loperamide & 2. Codeine Phosphate, 4 times a day and 2 Omeprazole twice a day. I was having to drink 1.5 litres of St Marks fluid each day. I would also suffer with leakage!

Then, a week before my output improved my nurse advised that I tried opening the Loperamide capsules and mixing with a little fluid in a medicine cup (like you get with cough syrup).

They thought that, because my output was so high the tablets were not getting into my system.

I was doing this for about four days and then literally overnight my watery output virtually stopped and within a couple of days it seemed to be under control.

I am now a year since my initial operation and only had one occasion where my output went high again for about a week which my stoma nurse thought may have been diahrea. I again reverted to taking the opening the capsules and my output returned to normal.

I can’t swear that this was the reason why my output issues were resolved but it seems a big coincidence.

I hope this helps.


Hi, like you I had a large amoiunt of my bowel removed,and I also take codine and lopedimine.I am using a larfe bag and have still going to hospital for a drip.I will try what you suggest because I am litterally desperate.


I had most of my bowel removed 4 years ago and had an ileostomy for 5 months, now reversed. I've have always been told I shouldn't take capsules, they don't get into the system properly so I only take tablets - could that be why opening the capsules worked for you?


Hi. I’ve always had high output and rather than get up all night I use a high output bag just overnight so I can get some sleep.


Hi u should speak to ur nurse , I take loperamide 2mg tablets that slows down output take 20 mins before ur main meals. Talk to ur stoma nurse see what they say


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