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Temporary Stoma after Crohns Disease

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I do have an temporay stoma and it will be reversed this week. I am happy to get rid off this because it is not very nice to had it done in the first place

My surgeon had to remove my colon it was inflamed and toxic. i needed emergency op..

This week final i get it reversed and do trust agian my surgeon and his team. And so i read and heard many times this will be succesful . A bit nervous i am , but my surgeon pulled me through the first time so a second time , he will not let me done. And of course my two stoma nurses , who supported me in hospital and after .

I did have arough time last year, and we all know that such a disease can be a life threat to any of us.

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Stupid question but how can it be reversed if the colon was removed? I have UC and am about to be given the surgical choices as the drugs have failed so do not know an awful lot about it BUT I thought that if it is removed you cannot have it reversed...

Even without a Colon a reversal can be done in this way en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ileo-....

A reversal with UC is successful in as much as the disease has been eradicated with the colectomy and will not re-occur when a join up is performed whereas it can be quite risky to join up with Crohn's - it's never eradicated and can continue to attack any weak areas such as those surgically created.

I have Crohn's and in the past have twice refused reversals for this reason.

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link doesn't work hun.

Good luck with the surgery Anke! I hope you recover well :)

good luck Anke will be thinking of you.

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