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Blood mixed in stool


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First of all sorry for graphic

I'm got anxiety. My history is .I'm male 39 years old. I just got moved to UK about 4 or 5 months ago. I did has really bloating. Bulping. And i got blood dripping after I pass the stool sometime it come with stool but coat on it .and weight lost. About 3 - 4 kg in about 1.5 months. And i went to discuss with a GP. End up she referred me to get colonoscopy. On 15 December 2020. Anything come back nagative on the scope.and they did took 8 biopsy random on my colon. Becuase I alway have to loose stool.The endroscopist found grade 2 of internal hemoroide. And the biopsy result came back undetect any decease

After went to colonoscopy. My symptoms seem like it not be better. I'm still got really bloating. Hardly to Bulping. And it make me feel hard to breath.and loose stool still blood in my stool. But more often than before about 3 days a time and I noticed it not cover the stool but it mixed in it (see in picture) . But not so much to change stool colour. And sometime hard black stool mixed in loose stool with normal colour And i went to talk to GP about these continue symthom and she referred to gastrologist. He did requested me to gastroscopy.2 week ago. It turn out I got hiatal hernia and mild gratrilis. ( which I also can see by my eye on the monitor while during the scope) maybe this thing that cause my symptoms bloating and abdominal pain.

But my bowel movement still got the blood in it and most worry me because it look like mixed in the stool and it not came after or cover on surface like before . I'm not sure if I should discuss with gp with this. She might think it because the internal hemorrhoids. But I feel it not look like hemoroide to me. As I known. Typical hemorrhoids are fresh blood dripping after stool.And i just got colonoscoapy 4 months colonoscopy can missing something? Anyone got experienced with this situation? Thank for your time to reading

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You Bleeding every day?

brightlife in reply to Pipinha

Just random. Sometime 3 or 2 day once. But not like before. It been like 2 or 3 week one time

You’ve had a colonoscopy correct, and you’re still “so they say” not in the typical age range of over 50. I’d say you’d be very unlucky if they’d missed anything with the colonoscopy and at your age. Have you any family history of colorectal cancer ?

brightlife in reply to Stevemf99

Thank for reply. As I know. None of my family got a colon cancer. But my mom found the polyps in her colon when she was 64 years old about 7mm

Stevemf99 in reply to brightlife

I feel your pain & worry. I had bleeding in the pan after bowel movements last November, it was on and off which lasted 4 weeks. Went to a London gastroenterologist and he did a rigid sigmoidoscopy and at a later date to be more emphatic a flexible sigmoidoscopy and found 3 haemorrhoids and then supplied me proctosedyl suppositories Which stopped the bleeding after first day or 2 off use. Even now after 16 weeks now without seeing any blood i’am still a nervous wreck every time I go to the toilet. I think it’s given me health anxiety with doesn’t help the mind or bowels (ie bloating, stomach issues). You have had the full colon checked so that’s a really good sign. Cancers normally grow slow apparently so unlikely anymore would have grown since and unlikely they’d have missed any cancer in the colon or rectum. I’m 40 & he said It was still very very rare at my age (even tho it can happen obviously). The mind can play all kinds of tricks on us but I know it’s so hard not to worry.

Did you have any anal pain or feel like you still need a bowel movement after you’ve been a poo ?, apparently haemorrhoids can also cause that.

brightlife in reply to Stevemf99

Hello Thank for your message.I not feel any pain at my anal. Only itchy sometime after been to toilet. No I don't feel want to go again for while but until after meal sometime I have go to toilet.i go to toilet not more than 2 time a day. I feel the same as you. Every morning. I go to toilet. Alway give me a stress and worry. What is will going happen again. I don't want to be offend anyone. Who did me a coloscopy is a nurse endoscopist not a doctor.i know they are trained. But I'm still worry. And after that I'm never able to talk to specialist at all. Even got order the medicine for hemoroide.The blood now as I mention is not coat the stool or in toilet bowl anymore. It seem like it mixed with a stool. By the way I explained this to doctor who did gastroscopy for me. He said I should ask GP to referer me to lower GI. To talk to him in clinic. I hope I can tell all my worry and problem with specialist soon

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Stevemf99

Hi Stevemf99 ,How are things going for you? Are you still experiencing any pain or bleeding?

Just want to provide some facts here on the "age" thing.

While it varies by country, there are many efforts to lower the screening age to 45 because of the number of people who are being diagnosed under age 50.

There is no such thing as being "too young" for colon cancer. Thankfully it is rare for such a young age but we have seen children (the youngest I knew of was 10) who have metastatic disease. Now that is an extreme example and as I said, incredibly rare.

What is NOT as rare as people (including many medical professionals), is what is known as "young-onset colorectal cancer". Unfortunately, people under the age of 50 are getting diagnosed and the # of people getting diagnosed continues to rise.

There are many initiatives that colorectal cancer nonprofits across the globe have launched to increase awareness among medical professionals and the general public that you are Never Too Young for colon cancer.

While 90% of colorectal cancers do occur in people over the age of 50, that 10% is not an insignificant number. If you have symptoms, we encourage that people to get checked out.

Our message is loud and clear whenever we hear a medical professional say "oh don't worry, you are too young" - that's simply not true. Our organization knows tens of thousands of patients and survivors who were diagnosed under the age of 50 - many of them brushed off for years, being told 'it's just hemorrhoids" or "you just had a baby, that's why your bowels are all out of wack". We unfortunately also know many widows, widowers, and children who have lost a parent, or parents who have lost their son or daughter, because their doctor brushed off their symptoms.

I do not say this to increase your anxiety - I say it to state the facts and encourage anyone who feels that something is "off" with their body, to be their own health advocate and keep seeking answers to why you are experiencing your symptoms.

Colorectal cancer is a unique disease in that with regular screening, it can largely be preventable and with early detection, treatable and beatable.

The anxiety that you feel when you use the toilet is completely normal after having experienced blood in the stool, which is shocking and upsetting to see.

Please keep us posted, we are here for you!

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

Hi Nicole. Thanks for the reply.My bleeding stopped back in December after using proctosedyl suppositories. I saw a London gastroenterologist jeremy sanderson at HCA healthcare. He did a rigid sigmoidoscopy and saw 3 haemorrhoids internal and one which thrombosed , he also did a flexible sigmoidoscopy to be more emphatic. Also had a stool test with was fine. (I’m Not sure how good the stool tests are).

Yes I heard colorectal cancer is rising. apparently 18,000 people under the age of 50 diagnosed with colorectal cancer a year in the United States, But still out off 328.2 million Americans I guess as you say that is still rare. Just over 2,500 people under 50 in the U.K. out of population off 66.65 million under 50. But Yes It can happen at any age obviously like you mentioned.

My gastroenterologist said it can be a more of worrying issue when symptoms are more sustained.

Apparently regarding haemorrhoids they come fare up once you’ve had them, but are more on and off. would you agree ?.

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to brightlife

brightlife me again :) Do you have access to what kind of polyps your mom had? Colorectal cancer is largely treatable and in many cases even preventable due to screenings and polyp removal. If possible to find out more information on what kind of polyps they were, that could be useful family health history for you to know.

We often see (which is completely normal) that if a family member goes through a colorectal cancer diagnosis, or even passes away from the disease, the whole family is aware and often speak to their doctors about if they need to get screened early/do they have an elevated risk due to their family member's cancer diagnosis.

However - when polyps are removed, often the risk that there may be an increased risk to family members, is not discussed because compared to a colorectal cancer diagnosis, removal of polyps is seen as a minor procedure and often people don't even mention it - no big deal, just a few polyps. We do encourage that people who have polyps removed (or have family members who had them removed), that they find out what kind of polyps they were and discuss if their screening should be moved up or more frequent.

I do not say this to cause you anxiety. Hereditary colorectal cancers account for a small portion of overall colorectal cancers, but it is so important to know your family history.

It is always heartbreaking when someone is diagnosed with colorectal cancer, especially when they are not of the screening age, and then a family member shares that they did have pre-cancerous polyps removed, but didn't think to share that information. There are all different types of polyps and some are very common and not worrisome, others are the kind that need a watchful eye and more frequent screenings.

Please keep us updated!

Hi Nicole

Thank for message.​Im not sure what kind of polyps my​ mom got.i did asked her.but she said after​ doctor did​ removed that​ polyps.​ About 7 mm.he dont got​ back to​ her.​ So she think maybe nothing So ​serious and​ and ​few year has pass ,she still ok

About​ my​ symptoms still on and​ off more often than before .​Still​ saw the.​​blood​ visible in.or on my ​stool​.today some blood​ in​ stool.​Just really tiny is​ look like old​ blood.​ (if you can​ think​ of.​ When you​ got. ​nose bleed.and then​ blood​ went to​ your throat.​ It is​ look like​ that.dark​ ​colour)​It​smell like​ blood​.that​ why i​ quite sure​ It​ is​a blood

About.​Diagnosed.​For​ hemoroide .they are found on​ my​ Last​ colonoscopy​.and they did think .the bleeding is from hemoroide.and I not got any treatment since then

I know​ i​ got​ health.​Anxiety.​ From those.symtome.​That​ i still Having.i still hope I can talk to specialist soon.

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to brightlife

Hi brightlife ,Will you be following up with the same specialist or seeking a second opinion? Either way, it is important to see a doctor and have them determine what's going on with this dark blood. Typically we hear about blood from hemorrhoids being bright red.

The health anxiety that can be caused by rectal bleeding is very real and it can really disrupt your life.

There are many causes for blood in the stool, some are very treatable with medication, diet change, and minor procedures, and of course, there are more serious reasons for blood in the stool as well. For that reason, we always advise patients to seek medical care when they have blood in the stool.

Please do reach out to speak to either your current doctor or seek a second opinion.

It may not be anything that is too serious but always best to get checked out to be sure.

Keep us posted!

~Nicole @ GCCA

Hi Nicole I got referral from my GP to lower GI. Doctor yesterday .i think maybe take around 3 or 4 week until I can see Lower GI doctor. I will try to explain to doctor what is going on to me after colonoscopy and gastroscopy.i know these procedure properly rule out the serious decease.but still not sure what is the symptoms that still happen to me.i will let you know after I talk to the doctor.thabnk for your message

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to brightlife

Hi brightlife ,Did you get an appointment yet? Or are you on a waiting list? In preparation for your appointment, do write down any questions you have so that you don't forget to ask them (we all have that moment when we leave the doctor and say, 'darn, I meant to ask about...!" Be sure to bring along something to write in, and several pens. Take notes, and don't be afraid to ask the doctor to spell something or repeat themselves.

Please keep us updated!

Hi nicole I called to hospital where is referred to.they said I'm in waiting list but still not have the appointments date yet.maybe have to wait 1 more month


Hi brightlife Thanks for posting in Colon Cancer Connected. Sorry to read about your symptoms and the anxiety and stress it is causing you. You are doing everything you should be doing as far as following up with specialists. Don't give up - it can be quite frustrating chasing down appointments and COVID has only made it more challenging.

There are many reasons for blood in the stool, some are very treatable with medication, diet change, and minor procedures, and of course, there are more serious reasons for blood in the stool as well. For that reason, we always advise patients to seek medical care when they have blood in the stool.

When you were going through the process of seeing the doctor and the colonoscopy 4 months ago, did they perform a DRE (digital rectal exam)? Did they mention any anal fissure (tears in the anus), or something else that could be causing the bleeding?

You mentioned internal hemorrhoids - but did they identify for certain that you have them, or did those not show up on the colonoscopy?

Sometimes when a person has a "clean" colonoscopy and no cancer or GI condition such as Crohn's or Colitis is identified, patients sometimes feel as if their symptoms are dismissed because it was already determined that there's no cancer. One reason we particularly do not like that approach is that it "normalizes" bleeding. Bleeding can be a sign of a minor issue, such as a small tear in the anus, which for many people, can be treated with diet changes, more hydration so that there have less constipation/hard stools. However, we also know that bleeding can be a sign of something more serious. So the concern is that future bleeding episodes are dismissed because you were already "cleared".

This is the point where many people choose to get a second opinion. If you aren't a member of these two groups on HealthUnlocked, you may find some great resources and support from people who have been dealing with GI issues for years.

Please keep us updated. We're here to answer questions based on our own experiences, and also here if you want to vent. We don't offer medical advice but there is a lot of experience in this group from the thousands of members, and we hope to be a resource to you.

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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