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Rectal Bleeding, 32 yrs old - surgery?

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Hi All, I am 32 years old and have piles/hemorrhoids.

I remember when I was about 14 yrs old, I forced out stools and had anxiety about using public toilets so would hold stools in. Not good, but that's not the case now, I now use public toilets.

My piles/hemorrhoids started flaring in my late 20s, I would pass a lot of blood and have severe discomfort, this wouldn't last though.

Eventually I mustered the courage to speak to my GP and he examined me, he told me I was too young to worry about any sort of cancer yet, but change my diet.

For about a year and a half now, I have been eating bran and fruits everyday, using germoloid for any soreness. In that time, I have had episodes of 13 instances of bleeding, but not severe, just streaks of blood on the stool.

I am thinking about future surgery and wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience that may be informative.



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I think you should see your doctor again. This is not normal. I’m not trying to worry you but don’t let the GP brush off suggestions of cancer. Unfortunately it can affect young adults too.

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Asrik in reply to Hidden

Thanks IP, will book something in with the GP. Bleeding has been under control for now, just recovering from another op elsewhere, but when strength is up I'll book in with the GP for an examination

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I think it’s a wise move. Hope all gets sorted.

Your doctor is out of order - you are never too young to worry about cancer. See him again - better still, change your doctor and see one who takes you seriously.

He's absolutely terrible, definitely getting a 2nd opinion.

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Dear Asrik ,It is so disappointing to hear a doctor says those words "you're too young for colon cancer". That's simply not true. Several non-profits are running campaigns that highlight the fact that you are Never Too Young for colon cancer.

It is true that 90% of colorectal cancers occur in people over the age of 50. But, colon and rectal (particularly rectal) cancer has been and continues to be on the rise. The hope is that you have a condition treatable with diet changes or medication or even a procedure and not colorectal cancer. But without testing, there's no way to be sure.

As others mentioned here, seeking a second opinion would be wise, and you may want to consider finding another doctor.

Many many people who post in our group are sure that they've got colon cancer, and thankfully, most of the time they do not. We do believe that if something is "off" it is very important to get it checked out. Sometimes that means changing Doctors. If you do not feel that your Doctor is taking your health concerns seriously, they may not be a good fit to be overseeing your medical care.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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Asrik in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Really appreciate the response, it felt surreal when my gp said that to me. I am currently recovering from an op I had 5th Mar, when strength builds I will see another doc and report back on the forum. After the anaesthetic / op my bowel movements have been an immense struggle, it wasn't before, so using a stool to elevate knees and eating fibre. Hopefully my bowel is under control soon. Thanks

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Dear Asrik ,I hope your recovery goes well from the surgery you mentioned. While you may not be up for seeking out a new doctor, there may be an option for a tele-health visit where you can at least get to provide a medical history and have a discussion on the phone or video chat to explain what symptoms you are experiencing.

Please keep us posted and don't put off getting another doctor for too long. There are many reasons you could be experiencing symptoms but the only way to rule out certain diseases or to diagnose is to get examined and screened.

Good luck and we're here for you!

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Asrik in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Thanks Nicole, will definitely keep you all posted!

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