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Petrified of bowel cancer, blood in stools for months and feeling of incomplete bowels.


I’ve had blood in my stools for months now like a maroon colour. Then a few weeks ago I had soft stools with a feeling of incomplete bowels after going. Which is still happening although I’m struggling to go now. This prompted me to make an appointment with my Doctor. She did an internal no piles were find which obviously I was hoping it was. I got a positive FIT stool sample of 13.1 and all blood tests were clear. I’ve got a referral for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks time but absolutely petrified it’s sinister. My Dad had a perforated bowel when he was only 10 years older then me. All my symptoms keep coming up as sinister results when I type and read anything on google.

Has anyone had the same and it was something else? I’ve got 2 young children and can’t bear not seeing them grow up it’s breaking my heart.

Thanks for reading.

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I’m sorry I don’t have answers for you but I’m actually going through this myself. I been bleeding for 5 weeks now with every bowel movement. I had a csection on November 2, 2020 and I notice the blood 3 weeks after but confirmed it the first week of December. I had a GI appointment last Friday and will be getting a colonoscopy in 2 weeks too. I’m so nervous and scared I have 4 kids. Dr was not to worried he said a lot of things can cause bleeding but the best thing to do is a colonoscopy he also mention a Anal fissure bug I don’t have pain or burning. I guess we won’t know until we get the colonoscopy! Good luck!

Scared_Mummy in reply to RFC87

Sorry you are going through the same thing. When I had a telephone consultation with a Colorectal Nurse one of the questions she asked was had a had a c section recently, as that could be a reason? Mine was many years ago. I’m dreading the colonoscopy I’ve read that the prep is the worse part. I’m glad I’m homeschooling at the moment though because it’s keeping me busy!

I had a perforated bowel too. I got my surgery during this pandemy. The only thing I can tell you is not to be scared. Can you hear the melody ??just listen to it. Bethowen 5. Synphony is the best. everything will be ok You will have beautiful days this summer if you follow the melody. 😀


Dear Scared_Mummy ,Thank you for posting and I'm sorry for what you are going through. I hope you can find some comfort in our community.

There are so many possible causes for your symptoms - including very treatable conditions. The anxiety that you can experience from google is very real and can cause your current GI symptoms to become further aggravated. Unfortunately, stress impacts our GI systems.

The truth is that you will only know for certain what is going on when you have all the test results from the tests that the doctors have ordered. If it makes you feel better, while prep is the worst part, there are things that you can do to make it a little more manageable. I'll list my "tips" for you below.

I'm glad that you are scheduled for the colonoscopy in two weeks - unfortunately for many of our community members, COVID has pushed out their colonoscopy date to a "yet to be determined" date.

If you look through previous posts in our community, you'll see that we have so many people who post that they are experiencing symptoms and fearful that they will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Many times we get updates and sometimes it is something as treatable as a fissure, internal hemorrhoids, and other times people are diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diverticulitis, or Crohn's disease, or other irritable bowel diseases. And yes, sometimes people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer - but there's no way to know right now what's going on.

As hard as it is - please don't get ahead of the tests. If it is indeed cancer, there are so many variables as far as stages and treatment options. Please be kind to yourself in this time where you are frightened - and spend the next few weeks distracting yourself the best you can. Preparing for a colonoscopy is absolutely a distraction - in my tips below you'll see that there are foods you should be to avoid eating leading up to the procedure.

Please keep us posted and we're here to listen and share experiences.

Here are some tips to get you through your colonoscopy:

1. Once you get the prescription for the prep that you'll drink, follow your doctor's instructions exactly. You want to have the cleanest colon for the doctor to be able to see everything with no fecal matter obscuring the way. We like this tool that Kaiser Permanente put together (with drawings!) that shows food to avoid and foods to eat leading up to when you actually start drinking the prep:

2. Get prepared to prep! Many people say the prep is the worst part of the colonoscopy procedure as a whole. Depending on what your doctor prescribes, it may be a lot of the same drink with the medication mixed in (such as Gatorade) vs. a smaller volume of prep that you drink, and then separately drink a certain amount of liquid of your choice (excluding something like a red Gatorade which could stain your colon for the test).

a. In addition to picking up your prescription, buy yourself some supplies:

*Toilet paper (necessary!)

*Wet wipes (never flush wipes even if they say flushable, the last thing you want is a clogged toilet when you are in the midst of prepping for a colonoscopy),


b. While you are going through prep, many treat themselves to buying a movie or series they've been wanting to see.

3. If during your prep you have any concerns or don't feel well (nauseous, etc.) call your doctor to let them know what is going on.

4. Most places will require you to have a family member or friend drive you home (you can not drive for the rest of the day), most places won't want you taking a taxi or Uber home alone. Bringing a family member or friend who can take notes on what the doctor tells you when you are in the recovery area will be key - you most likely won't remember what they say.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

Thank you so much for your very helpful reply, I’ve saved the colonoscopy diet it’s a lot more detailed then the one I got sent from the hospital. My diet at the moment isn’t great I can hardly eat anything but that’s probably down to my ongoing stress and anxiety. I’m so worried more so because the professionals keep asking have I got a family history? Yes my Dad he got misdiagnosed and his bowel perforated, he never got offered a colonoscopy when he needed it the most. I am grateful that they are taking my concerns seriously and sending me for the relevant tests, I just hope it doesn’t get cancelled like those other poor patients. Thanks again!


Scared_Mummy ,

It is always important for medical professionals to ask about your family history with cancer. It is estimated that about 5-10% of colorectal cancers are hereditary. So it is important to know if a family member had or has the disease, but it does not mean that you have it. I'm glad that they were asking you - it shows that they are taking detailed notes. But I do understand how it can raise your anxiety even further.

Colorectal cancer is unique from many other cancers in that when they are performing the screening colonoscopy, based on what they see DURING that procedure, they can remove polyps, which can be benign, pre-cancerous, or cancerous.

I'm really sorry that your Dad was misdiagnosed - there are so many patient advocacy organizations, survivors and caregivers that are out there working hard to raise awareness in all communities (including the medical community) about the importance of screening and early detection. We absolutely hate hearing "my doctor said I'm too young for colorectal cancer". Having said that, you are doing everything you should be doing as far as getting screened and the only other thing I can ask of you is to be kind to yourself and try to not get too anxious in the meantime.

The Kaiser Permanente webpage on colonoscopy prep is my favorite resource - I really should contact them at some point and let them know that we send thousands of people to their site - the photos are really helpful and it is the most detailed list I've seen so far.

Hang in there and please keep us posted,


Thank you! ☺️

This could still be haemorrhoids. Doctors can carry our rectal exams but what they fail to tell you is that without the use of an anoscope there is no way of knowing whether you have internal haemorrhoids as they are too soft to be felt. I wish doctors would inform people of this to at least give them some assurance. Internal Hemms cannot be ruled out either way without visual tests.

"It is essential to carry out digital rectal examination even though internal haemorrhoids will not be palpable. Other pathology needs to be excluded"

Maybe ask for a Calprotectin test in the interim, this can help rule out serious pathology.

I hope this helps

Best of Luck


Scared_Mummy in reply to Dan1605

Thank you for your reply. I was praying that it was haemorrhoids and IBS I’ve had both in the past but it just feels different this time. I know that my stress and anxiety won’t be helping whatsoever. The Doctor did say after the uncomfortable internal exam very matter of fact “well we can definitely rule out haemorrhoids” this was not what I wanted to hear. Then I got the NHS text on a Sunday evening that some blood was found in my bowel from my FIT sample, I didn’t sleep that night and haven’t much since.

Thanks again!

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Dan1605

Thank you Dan1605 for sharing - very important info!

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