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Have you had surgery for colorectal (bowel) cancer?

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Hello Colon Cancer Connected community members,

Have you had surgery for your colorectal (or bowel) cancer?

Looking to get some advice from those who have been through surgery for one of our members, 6 weeks out from a sigmoid colectomy.

If you (or a loved one) had surgery for CRC (colorectal cancer) and are willing to give some advice/share the experience, please reply to this post.

Many thanks to our members who make this site so supportive and educational.


Nicole @ GCCA

11 Replies
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I had surgery in May for a large tumour almost totally blocking my sigmoid colon. It was rough and painful for first week or so. Just finished chemotherapy.

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Nuttyrider

Nuttyrider - thank you for responding and for being an active part of our online community. I was wondering if you might be able to share and offer advice to Tatty10 , who is 6 weeks out from surgery but experiencing a rough recovery - and something feels off. (see below for his original post).

Also, anyone else who has had colorectal surgery, please join this thread.

"Hi all not feeling ok but finding it difficult to explain, I had a sigmoid collectomy 6 weeks ago and still not feeling good terribly constipated and feel my bowels are never empty and have lower back pain bloating and wind the only way I can explain is that after my operation my bowels felt as though they we not put back in the right place also have groin pain when trying to empty my bowels I have an appointment next week with my consultant and I don’t want to be fobbed off I know something is definitely wrong and worried that I won’t be able to fully explain my symptoms. My surgery was for a stage 1 bowel cancer."

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Nuttyrider in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Have done :)

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Sorry you are going through this Nicole I was just recently diagnosed Stage 1 BC as well I had an adenoma taken from my terminal ileum then got a call about 3 weeks later to say it

was Cancer. I do not want the operation done so looking at any other avenues now even if I have to try Fenbendazole & natural things...I wish you wellness soon I am still in total shock

now my Father died from BC. I see the Surgeon face to face this month I am in Southampton, UK x x hugs x x I hope things turn around for you soon I am on Facebook gold angel Aidan

Walsh & on the Facebook Group Bowel Cancer UK

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Aidan_

Hello Aidan_ ,

Thank you for replying! It is not me, sorry for any confusion, I was looking to connect a member of our group who recently had surgery, with other members who have had surgery.

I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I understand you are still in shock - I hope that you'll be able to connect with other patients and survivors here for support. It is hard to see the "positive" side of things when facing a cancer diagnosis - so I say this knowing it is sometimes hard to see the glass half-full... but I am glad that your bowel cancer was detected at stage I and not a later stage.

Have you had genetic testing done to see if your bowel cancer is hereditary? While only a small percent of bowel cancer is hereditary, if it is indeed hereditary, you'll want other family members to get screened as well.

What type of surgery was recommended to you? Are you comfortable sharing why you do not want to have surgery? Since you are seeing the surgeon in person this month, it may be helpful for you to write down all the questions you have about surgery, as well as your concerns.

We are here for you in your fight and we'll be thinking of you!

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Aidan_ in reply to Nicole_GCCA

Yes, thanks I only realized it was not about you after I was posting. Yes I believe hereditary my Father died from this. All I know is they want to take a piece out of me the

area was the terminal ileum & I saw first hand what 2 surgeries did to my Father I do not want this done to me. Will I change my mind I doubt it but who knows how bad it gets. I

find it too invasive I would rather take natural ways before it is too late. They do not have answers, nothing has changed since my Father in the 90's it is still cut cut cut chemo & radiation

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to Aidan_

Hello Aidan_ ,

I do understand feeling like options for treatment are the same - but I can assure you, especially in the area of colorectal (bowel) cancer, things have changed so much, even in the past 10 years, a lot has changed. We have so many more treatment options - and with personalized medicine and biomarker testing, doctors have a much better idea of what treatments won't work and which will. This gives me hope, but also can be sad to think of patients like your father, who were not able to benefit from these advances in science.

In addition to new and better drugs to treat colorectal cancer, minimally invasive surgery has changed and this should be something the surgeon discusses with you. Or, you could also seek a second opinion, or talk to others who have had the same surgery that is being recommended for you.

I respect that it is your decision to make regarding your treatment. All I ask is that you connect with others and research what the options are. I do promise that science is advancing, even if sometimes it may not feel that way.

We're here for you

~Nicole @ GCCA

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Aidan_ in reply to Nicole_GCCA

thanks, but I doubt I will let them touch my stomach I will treat it naturally

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Always say I am blessed - had a 'shit test' back in 2014, came back to say I needed another, no prob - then had a note to say I needed a colonoscopy, so they 'picked the mushrooms (polyps) then said I had a Dukes which needed an op, had that by a lovely Mr Melville at St Georges, Tooting, must say he did a good job, but the op was OK, the nursing was horrific, as I do drink water throughout the night, couldn't get any, the nursing there was awful, I really felt like I never had before, no help whatsoever, never, ever want to go back there again, but out of that I had a right hemi-colectomy & nothing after - have had colonoscopy & was told I would be kept on them for every 3 years - now due to the pandemic I have read a letter from the lady who took over from Mr melville that I no longer need any check ups, this was through me checking my doctor's medical records for me! I have been in Malta through the past year & registered with the department at the hospital, I had a colonoscopy last Monday here, which appears good & an appointment in July with the consultant - this reassures me - theynhave also been so good in checking me outings other ways, I feel I would not have had this treatment in England - so feel safe - & we have had our 2 Pzifer jabs!

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Nicole_GCCAPartner in reply to younginmind

Hi younginmind ,Thank you for sharing on Colon Cancer Connected. I'm sorry to hear about the rough experience and lack of care you received.

Glad to hear you were able to get your colonoscopy - did they take any biopsies, are you waiting on hearing any information from that procedure?

Glad you got both doses of the vaccine.

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Am in recovery from Lower Anterior Resection - LAR - open surgery for sigmoid cancer As an older person (77) with bulky fibroids I couldn't have laparoscopy my Bowel function completely back to normal. Post op biopsy clear margins and all visible cancer removed but 3/25 harvested lymph notes affected. On 6 months chemo

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