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Blood and mucus in stool

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When I was in 6th grade I started developing anxiety and then started having mucus in my poop and got told I have IBS. Two years ago I started seeing blood in my stool and it’s been that way since sometimes a little sometimes a lot. I had a colonoscopy last year and while having blood in my stool my doctor said my colon had no ulcers no fissures no hemmoroids all he said was a part of my colon had colitis (inflammation) and when I think I need to use the bathroom I fart a lot and notice mucus coming out while farting and pushing most of the time blood and mucus mixed together and sometimes my poop is super soft and easy to pass and if there was a tiny bit of straining there would be blood and mucus only at the beginning of the poop no where else and I am 25 weeks pregnant right now and still having blood in my stool which worries me a lot more now since I’m having a baby has anyone dealt with anythkng like this I wasn’t diagnosed and it’s so hard to get a good GI (in the picture I used a glove to grab my poop and bits of undigested food moves around)

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Update: I spoke to my doctor regarding the results since I couldn’t remember and it was proctitis

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How did you cure Her?

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Jungkookahii in reply to Ares5

It isn’t cured unfortunately I haven’t been able to see the doctor and I haven’t gotten it checked since last year I’m taking probiotics for pregnancy and it’s letting me use the bathroom without straining so much.

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Ares5 in reply to Jungkookahii

Have you mucus ?

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Jungkookahii in reply to Ares5

Yes I have mucus in my poop and there is blood still today thankfully it wasn’t a lot it was super little bit but I still had a lot of mucus

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Ares5 in reply to Jungkookahii

Please when do you know something write me !! Thanks

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Hello Jungkookahii ,

Thanks for sharing and I'm sorry for what you are going through. I would recommend that you seek out an appointment with your doctor. Particularly because you have had issues with blood in your stool, irritable bowel, and other digestive symptoms.

With your pregnancy, it depends on what tests doctors will perform, but it is absolutely worth a trip to see a specialist. They can do a rectal exam, and maybe even a flexible sigmoidoscopy (which will show the lower portion of the colon).

Please try to get seen and keep us updated.

~Nicole @ GCCA

Hello colonoscopy is safe in pregnancy? Im pregnant and I had blood in my stools now im pregnant and im confused will I do for colonoscopy or not?

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bantam12 in reply to Marzia144

I had to wait until after my baby had arrived before I could have the colonoscopy, my Gastro doc definitely wouldn't do it while I was pregnant.

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Jazzy1990 in reply to Marzia144

Hi you can have a colonoscopy when you’re pregnant but as always they will come with risk. I have been waiting for a colonoscopy since before I found out I was pregnant and when I found out I was they just refused to do it, so I have to wait till after I give birth. How many months are you ? And what are your symptoms?

No It’s not safe cause to prep you have to literally not eat any solids and only liquids and constant diarrhea to empty your bowels before colonoscopy I hated it so much

> Jungkookahii Your stool appears to perhaps show evidence of a parasitic infection - I just learned today that blood and mucus in stool can also be resultant from the presence of intestinal parasites. Since this is a forum that has more knowledge about colon cancer than I do, please consult them about that. I'm just offering the information about parasites because everything you mentioned are symptoms of a parasite infection - and the photograph you provided of your stool looks exactly like others I have seen that people posted that did have parasites. For some reason, doctors these days do not disclose to us patients that 85% of humans today do have parasites, and it should be something doctors should test us for, but most of them don't - and those that do, will often say the tests showed no parasites even when an independent lab test confirmed that parasites were indeed present. Just wanted to share the information I had so you can cover all bases.

I haven’t been on the app for a while and I had a colonoscopy done before and didn’t see any parasites

HI love,

I am having same symptoms as you were having. the proctitis a definite answer to you? I see my case in yours. same same. What was the treatment for the proctitis? I am sick every day. my stomach is full of gases. every time I eat it hurts and my stool is covered with mucus and blood.

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Pipinha in reply to cecilia2021

Olá como você está?Ainda sangra e tem muco?

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