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What do I have am really worried and depressed please answer , I cry fearing for hours..


I am a 15 year old girl, class 10 when I was in class 8 and 9 I had a lot of instant noodles .. sometimes regularly too.. after that this year O realised it is wrong and significantly stopped a lot now since a month am experiencing symptoms such as frequent bowel movements, acidity , etc. Actually a month ago I primarily started with temporary GERD and globus sensation.. along with a bit of diarrhoea.. then it cured but my bowel movements have become more frequent since then.. they differ at times 2 ,3 or 6 or comfortably even 1. I get whitish mucus in my stool sometimes. Now maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet . I visited the gastroenterologist who said it is ibs but I worry that those two years of junk are sure to give me any cancer. My fear is making my symptoms worse I cry for hours of fear and regret. Earlier during GERD I lost my appetite and had some weight loss but now my appetite is normalising .. please suggest something.

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It seems like ibs you haven’t got the symptoms for cancer and also you are way too young I don’t think you’ve anything to worry about

Sham238 in reply to Wexford1968

Thank you , you really helped relieving a bit of my stress

Try to not think about it too much. Worrying will make it worst. The brain and gut are connected so a feeling of fear will also affect your gut.

Sham238 in reply to geanpaulo

Thank you even the doctor told me that most of my problem can be due to excessive stress


Hi Sham238, Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I'm sorry for the discomfort and anxiety that you are going through.

That is great that you have a GI doctor and you are under their care. Did the gastroenterologist provide any specific guidance on nutrition that may help you better control symptoms? It does sound like good news that you are appetite is coming back!

We know that both diet and exercise play an important role in preventing cancer and keeping cancer from reucrring. However what you are talking about is a relatively short period of time and it sounds like you have got your diet in order. Perhaps you could benefit from speaking to a therapist about the fear and regret.

As another commenter mentioned, your brains and your gut are closely connected. Our GI system is greatly impacted by anxiety and other emotions.

I hope that seeing the GI doctor brought you some peace, and also would encourage to regularly see this GI doctor as needed, and perhaps look at therapy to address some of the other emotions you are feeling.

We're here for you and hope your GI system and appetite continue to improve!

~Nicole @ GCCA

Sham238 in reply to Nicole_GCCA

My doctor has told me to avoid milk and other dairy products except for milk

He has given me a medicine for ibs and probiotics.. I have a good home made diet

Thank you

Sham238 in reply to Sham238

Except for curd* sorry

Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Sham238

Hi Sham238,

If your symptoms do not improve please follow up with your doctor. It is great if you do not have colorectal cancer, but the goal is to get your symptoms under control. Hope the medication helps!

~Nicole @ GCCA

My symptoms have improved it is ibs

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