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A lot of blood in stool

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Hi guys, went to the toilet today to have a poop and there was so much blood in the toilet I was shocked. It was fresh bright red blood. I went ER straight away after this happened and got bloods, urine and stool tested.

Everything came back normal and get a rectum exam too and they couldn't see anything so getting refered to get further examination with camera but not sure how long that will be. If it keeps bleeding, do I just wait it out until my exam or go back? 23 M and absolutely terrified. Does anyone have any insights?

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Hi Ceby, Good that you went to the ER and had bloodwork done as well as a rectal exam. Did the Emergency Room give you any information on what to do if it happens again before your appointment with the specialist?

It is hard to tell how much blood you are losing without collecting it in a specimen container rather than it going straight to the toilet bowl. How long do you need to wait until you see the specialist?

Keep in mind that a rectal exam can is quite limited in what they can actually see, so you would need a colonoscopy which will show your full colon.

Please keep us posted and do your best not to panic (easier said than done!) because there are a number of reasons why you could be experiencing this, but the only way to truly know is for a full exam with the colonoscopy.

Hang in there,


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Ceby in reply to Nicole_GCCA

No they didn't but told me to come back if it keeps up and my doctor is to now sort out a date for me so hopefully not too long or I'll probably lose my mind.

Thankfully, it was the one rush of blood yesterday but definitely a lot, nothing like that this morning just blood in the stool but not a lot from what I examined. Thank you!

Do you have a problem emptying your bowel and are you going to the toilet quiet often during the day and also do you have a history of bowel cancer in your family

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Ceby in reply to Wexford1968

Hi, sometimes constipated but easily empty my bowel in the morning times. Bits of blood in the stool this morning but no rush of blood like yesterday.

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Wexford1968 in reply to Ceby

I think you don’t have anything to worry about, apart from the blood my symptoms were different and I had bowel cancer

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Ceby in reply to Wexford1968

Hi Wexford, just a question for you. If this blood keeps up for a few more days should I go straight back to hospital or should I be just waiting to get my date for an exam?

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Wexford1968 in reply to Ceby

Me personally I would try to force the issue and get a colonoscopy ASAP if you have a family history of bowel cancer they tend to arrange it quicker with me the blood use to come and go at intervals

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Nicole_GCCAAdministrator in reply to Ceby

Hi Ceby,

Just checking in on you - any news for an appointment with a specialist? I would encourage you to be the squeaky wheel continuing to contact the doctor's office to get an appointment. And if you are in doubt, but having serious pain and bleeding, you should seek immediate medical assistance. I hope you get an appointment soon - please do follow up with them until you do! Keep us posted and hang in there.

I had that recently... After worrying for quite some time, it ended up being an internal hemorrhoid..

Sounds similar..

What was your results if I may ask ?

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