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New here... newly diagnosed.


Hi I’m new to all this but here’s abit of my story...

Im nearing 32, I’m on my third child now, since having her (nearly 2 years ago) I’ve had blood and mucus stools. I have to emphasis that this is EVERYDAY and could be 3-4 times a day aswell as passing it when having just gas! I was worried but also didn’t have time when I’ve got 3 children and was working part time. I finally had to do something about it when I was constantly bloated and one day I nearly missed the toilet and then realised I never want to poop myself in public!! With covid-19 going on I’ve been stuck at home anyway which I guess this is lucky for me. Yesterday I had a signoscopy and they took 4 biopsies so won’t know results of that for 3-4 weeks. But have finally been diagnosed with proctitus. Has anyone else been given this result? Have you mr meds managed to calm it down? I’d like to here someone else’s results after meds or further down the line if surgery was the option and what has happened??

Thank you for reading and I hope I get to here some of your stories xx

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Hi don't worry too much about it for now you are already doing the right steps by getting the tests done . For me I was started on chemo for six months that seems to be the first step in treatment but chemo didn't work for me so every time I had a confirmed cancer I have to have surgery but my case is different to yours because we are different people I had no help from family but the district and home help gave me lots of support I was told how to cope with a new diet and those oops moments you have mentioned above but for me I already knew that as I also suffer from epilepsy but it's not really the surgery but all the tests after and for the next 5+ years as your team will not drop you after your discharged you are with them until you are fully cancer free. Last year 2019 my surgeon discharged me but this year on a unrelated matter he made sure that he was the surgeon I had and when I spoke to him he even forgot he discharged me but it did make me feel better that I had him as I have come to know how he works and he knows I'm shy.

So don't worry until you meet your team thay will help you out as much as possible even with your children

Thank you so much for replying and sharing. Wow sounds like you have been through it. I’ve been given prednisolone for time being aswell as a steroid twice a day and a horrible Ball powder sachet to have in the mornings. Today will be my second day of them and I feel crap waking up today I’ve barely slept my hands and feet had a weird numb feeling most of the night which I’ve been getting in my hands for some time. I read this is common on the crohns and colitis uk site but is not a registered side effect. I think not sleeping maybe because I’m new to all this and the worrying thought is still on my mind. But today is a new day to start all over again.

The worst part is the not knowing and like with alot of health problems the medication is horrible but you really do need your inner strength my husband was the one who broke down when we got told I had cancer I told my consultants the cancer won't kill me it's not allowed to I have epilepsy and that job belongs to the epilepsy ( it's kinda a game of chase so far I'm winning I've had epilepsy since I was a child so I look at it different) well I told my consultants in 5 years I will be back to prove my point this year is the 5th year and I'm going to remind them how strong I was I actually had to reassure others instead of them reassuring me and it's still even now not hit me like that more like " ok I have cancer throw it on the list of stuff I have beaten no night oh well what's next" I have to be strong for all the people I care about and I have 3 boys that don't live with me but I go through this for them it stops at me I will do anything for them and I believe I have my consultants say that I am the strongest minded person thay have ever met and would like me to try and help others but I don't know how I'm just used to getting on with it

Be strong be positive please ,you have to wait for the treatment plan .


Hi Kirstyb88, I'm sorry to hear about what you've been going through. Do your best to stay calm until you get the test results back from the biopsy. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to join these other groups in HealthUnlocked if you haven't already done so:

Please keep us updated on your results. Hang in there,


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