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Localised lower right abdominal pain/mucus in stool


hi guys

I keep getting a discomfort in my lower right abdomen, it seems to be generally localised to the same place, like a dull discomfort/pulling sensation but can also at times be widespread or in other areas, but mostly I notice it there. Some days it isn't there, others its faint, and days like today its been more prominent

Stools are as normal as they can be for me (had ulcerative colitis for 26 years so normal stools don't really exist). I am however passing mucus almost every time I pass stool. Being passing mucus since February and been feeling the pain around a month now. I took a fecal calprotectin test in in February which came back raised at 954 so they prescribed treatment for colitis, a month later I repeated the test and it had gone back down to normal levels, however, the symptoms have never gone.

I did an at home FOB test too which tested negative for hidden blood in stools.

I have been worried if this could be bowel cancer but my consultant has confidently almost ruled it out without even looking inside yet. I have regular colonoscopies every 3 years due to having colitis and the last one was 2 and a bit years ago and was completely fine, I think this is why they are so confident against it being sinister, and the fact the caprotectin has gone back to normal. They are starting to think I may now also have IBS as the symptoms are similar.

Apparently you can get IBS from a colitis flare up but just wondered if symptoms can normally last this amount of time and if pain can be somewhat localised or should I be concerned?

thanks in advance

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Hi yes it can I had IBS unknown to me from a young child and because it was unknown I ended up with colon cancer and I'm actually thankful for that because it ment thay stopped forcing fiber down me saying how good it is and actually started telling me what to avoid and fiber was a huge stay away from also I can now have things like orange juice where before only Apple Juice would work kinda like you become afreid of this thing's and there's no reason the pain IBS caused me to be doubled over and afraid to go to the bathroom my colon cancer sometimes I'm worried to be without a bathroom close by .

So if you do have IBS as I was told 20yrs too late find out in both food and drink what makes you worse if you find fiber is on the list stay away from those things .

If it gets really bad have something like turkey it's a good help to loosen you up if you can eat it for a few days before it should be very good also vasiline will help with the pain and hopefully you will it confirmed that it is IBS and told it's nothing .

Good luck

Thank you for replying. Are you recovered now? How long had the cancer been there when they found it? My last colonoscopy was 2 years ago.

What were your symptoms if you don’t mind me asking?

I was diagnosed back in 2014 & 2015 I have been having tests every year this year is supposed to be my last lot and then hopefully I'm free lol .

My symptoms where I had flu that didn't go away then I couldn't keep anything down not even water pain in my left side behind my stomach ( a very good doctor noticed that I sufferd with back problem since I was a teen and told me to tell the hospital to check my back that's how they found it) but now after following a new diet I'm doing very well.

I was 2 yrs before they found it which would have made me 33 when found but they think I had it starting the time my mum was dying from lung cancer and a brain tumor I was 27 when she passed but 28 when I started to feel rough

That’s good then if you had it that long and are almost clear. What stage did it get to? Like 1,2 etc

I was low level I think I remember them saying I was level 2 but because of the delay in getting me treatment I was told if I hadn't have gone in when I did I would have been dead the following week

oh Christ! Luckily you did and are on the mend. It’s not a nice feeling is it when you get gut issues

I'm use to not feeling ok as I have other health problems and two of them I've had since a very young age so I know to listen to my body and when something isn't right sometimes the hardest part is explaining the feeling like to family and friends you can say stuff like feeling odd,funky, weird,spaced out ect but to a doctor you need to give a more medical explanation which isn't always easy to do for example how can you explain fuzzy in a better term lol .


We encourage you to seek out a second opinion if you feel that your concerns are not being addressed by your healthcare provider. It can be helpful to keep a journal tracking your pain, what you are eating, and the frequency/characteristics of your bowel movements.

The Colon Cancer Connected Community is here for you, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

thank you for replying Nicole. I've started a food diary and also started taking lots of vitamins and live bacteria. The discomfort seems to have subsided and stools are normal, its just the mucus im still seeing. my initial calprotectin was 954, and I had treatment for my colitis as they guessed it may be that flaring up, during my treatment I submitted another sample and it came back at 4, so they were very encouraged by this. I was still seeing mucus and did another test last week which is 123. They say this is in the grey area as under 50 is negative and over 200 is positive so need to repeat it in a few weeks. Other than the mucus generally im fine. The IBD team have said 123 may just be my normal settled level which is often seen in iBD patients and mucus could just be a symptom that ill regularly see ongoing as each flare up can change your symptoms - they don't think its anything to worry about and did a full blood count and im due a colonoscopy in September. They aren't even willing to test for cancer as they are that confident its to do with my colitis. I have surveillance colonoscopies every 3 years and due one in a few months. The last one they used blue dye and did a very thorough test and apparently it was all completely normal, so I'm unsure if something could develop so quickly, but they said it would be extremely unlikely and normally can take 5-10 years to develop into a point where you start seeing symptoms. I also was told it could be IBS too alongside the colitis. I guess its positive that no hidden blood was found too isn't it? I am also receiving therapy for health anxiety. I think generally once I get the all clear from the colonoscopy, or at least hopefully, the mucus will probably be put down to IBS which Im fine with, its more the not knowing that bothers me but im trying to relax a bit as that won't be helping symptoms.

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Glad to hear you have a colonoscopy coming up - and I hope you get the all clear.

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