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Terrified I have bowel cancer


Hi guys

After some advice please as I’ve read a lot of posts on here that I can relate to due to covid and it being impossible to get treatment!

It’s also important to note I’m diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have been in remission for 10 years - I’m 32 - so actually can’t really remember what a flare up feels like

I started off with mucus in my stools the first time I pass in a morning just on the first bit. This was back in February. Anyway I had a calprotectin test which measures inflammation levels and that came back at 943 which is moderate. I was put on treatment for colitis etc but didn’t feel much better.

A couple of weeks ago I did another test and it came back negative which would suggest the treatment has worked and it is colitis related.

A week later I stopped the extra treatment course but noticed blood and more watery poo since. The stool doesn’t appear bloody at first glance but shows when it settles in the toilet - not really a dark colour either it’s light

I’m wondering if now I do a test it’s raised again so maybe the flare up needed longer treatment - if it was that.

Problem is I have the worst Heath anxiety which stemmed from losing my mum 15 years ago so I’m convinced it’s cancer. I’m trying to talk myself round based on the test results and I had a colonoscopy with blue dye just over 2 years ago and everything was completely normal so my Consultant has siad it’s going to be extremely unlikely to be anything other than colitis.

Main symptoms are waking up with a pain Or sore feeling - not localised - normally relieved after passing, bit of mucus first thing and then the blood when the stool settles in the toilet, not every time. I’m going quite a lot in a morning but rarely after that: I think my health anxiety is making my symptoms worse and also think I have other symptoms.

It’s hard as symptoms are pretty much the same as IBD

Wondering if anyone else has had anything similar? It’s obviously impossible To get colonoscopies atm so worried sick

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Hi there ! I’m going thru the same thing as you. I’ve never had bloody stools but my stools have been thin/ribbon stool as well and I’ve also seen pieces of food in my stool or even fluffy stools I’ve had 3 ct scans and 4 stool test ! And they all came back normal but I’m still having the same problem with my stools. Today I have an appointment with my GI on webcam due to covid 19. I’ll be showing him my pictures and see what he tells me. Hoping everything is okay ! Might even ask for a colonoscopy just to make sure everything is okay. I also Have several anxiety I’ve heard anxiety can cause that.

It can hun. Have you tried mental health help? My consultant has refused to bring my colonoscopy forward from September as she is that confident it won’t be anything sinister so I’m trying to take comfort in her expertise, if she had any doubt she’d know. I’ve been referred to a mental heath team to help me work on my severe health anxiety, sounds like it may benefit you too xx

They just sent me to a therapist for my anxiety I’ll start Friday. But I’m still concern /: I’m afraid the ct scan missed it. It’s been going for almost 2 months .. maybe it’s ibs or ibd? Cause I also get random sharp pain in my abdominal and my lower back that’s why I’m so scared but then I havent experience any bloody stools .. so idk what it could be.

IBS is very likely. And stress and anxiety makes it worse. I found that. The consultant not being concerned has eased my symptoms loads so it does show that some of it is brought on psychologically through worry, your brain sends pain to the area your focused on.

Depending what they tested your stool for would have shown IBD. For example if they did a calprotectin test it would have come back as elevated inflammation levels if it was caused by IBD. Mine was elevated and j had some treatment then it went back to normal levels but I’m still getting the odd twinge, I’ve had ulcerative colitis for 26 years so I have colonoscopies every 3 years. I think that’s why the consultant isn’t too concerned as the last one was perfectly normal and cancer normally takes a few years to develop.

If your stool was normal and you have no blood, this very much points towards IBS in my opinion, I didnt have blood this time, each flare up can be different and present different symptoms. I’m no doctor but I do know IBS doesn’t bring blood into stools and doesn’t raise inflammation levels hence your normal stool sample. A lot of it can be controlled through stress relief and diet. Maybe keep a record of what you eat / drink and see if you can see a pattern on what may make symptoms worse... id honestly see how you get on Friday. I’m actually really excited about my therapy because it really isn’t a healthy way to live to be constantly worried about your health x

They tested for blood in my stool and it came back negative and they did ct scans. But the way I’m going to the restroom and google my symptoms it tells me the scary stuff. I’ve also had stools that are clear bubbles .. they say not to be concern because I’m only 24 well 25 next month but I’ve also heard younger people getting it. I’ve also just had my gallbladder remove and I would think after removing it my stools would be back to normal but they haven’t /: I’m just hoping it’s my anxiety because my anxiety has been very bad lately

Honestly the worrying won’t help. None of it really sounds like typical symptoms of something sinister. First thing you need to stop doing is googling! When you get the urge, turn your phone off! It was my worst enemy honestly, google isn’t your friend it just tells you the worse case scenario. If they didn’t test for inflammation levels then it could be IBD. Ask them about a calprotectin test, if your markers are inflamed it could well be crohns or colitis, and if it is it’s not the end of the world, you can live a normal life on treatment

Hi everyone. I have had dull pains on my lower right side since 2014, went to the hospital to check for appendicitis but the doctor cleared me ok. In 2016 the pain returned, this time sharper, caused my belly to swell until i release gas then it goes back to normal. Since then i have gotten so used to the dull pain as it comes and goes. But recently, I have experienced it more frequently and it has moved to other parts like the left abdomen and back. Yesterday my poo had blood, it’s like nothing i have ever seen. And it left me feeling nauseous and dizzy. I have a low blood sugar history and have taken iron supplements at some point. I am trying to calm myself from being anxious and coming across your comments has really helped. I looo forward to your response 😊

How are

You now?

Hey Andy.. I have been doing quite well the past few days thanks for asking! The pain seems to have disappeared, which is rather scary🙆🏽‍♂️. I am scheduled for a doctor’s appointment soon and hopefully will be able to share results with you. Crossing fingers

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