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Small clot in stool, what does this mean? Cancer or something benign?


Hello I'm Jazmin f/23 and new to the community

Yesterday I passed a small clot in my stool. I visited the doctor that same day to set up a trip to the GI, and it slipped my mind to mention this clot to my doctor.

I've been experiencing bloated symptoms for about a year now that I always chalked up to just drinking a lot of diet soda. I've recently cut out diet soda these past few days and experience little to no bloating anymore.

Other than bloat my symptoms have been fatigue, and bad sleep. My stress over my symptoms have been making it harder to sleep as well.

I'm underweight (due to an eating disorder) and have a hard time gaining/ keeping weight up, and frequently have hemorrhoids. I have had blood in stool but rarely, I only started to bleed again as of Sunday, Monday, and today. (That could be just due hemorrhoids though.)

I've experienced no change in appetite.

I've been quite stressed these past few days, and reading up symptoms online has only made it more difficult. I have had no clots today, just bright red blood that appears to be from my hemorrhoid.

Is my worry justified? And have any of you experienced something similar? What can I expect from A GI meeting? Thank you for reading my post, and take care.


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Have you tried the ketoung seed?.

You need to grind about 4 seed mix in warm water and drink. It's cleansing is so magical. You will have no internal problems nor bloody stoul no more..

I would call your GI and schedule an appointment to see if you need a colonoscopy. If it were me, I'd do that instead of stressing. I'm sure it's nothing, but better to be safe and keep your mind at ease. Good luck :)

Thank you 😺 A appointment is being made for me by the referral people. It's taking a bit due to the virus going on right now, it's the wait that's stressing me out really!

Same here, I hate waiting, get myself so stressed out, which doesn't help either. And now with this other virus going around, it's a double stress! I know it's easier said than done, but try and relax, it's probably a hemorrhoid, I have had that happen myself, but again, always best to check and be sure. Let us know how you do :)

Will do! 😽 Unfortunately the soonest appointment for me is in June due to the Coronavirus. I'll just be eating well and praying that it's not anything serious.

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