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Husband diagnosed with colon cancer


Hi there,

My husband was recently diagnosed with stage IV of colon cancer (he’s a young man full of energy ).He had no previous major symptoms just random abdominal pain now and then(no weight lost ,no blood on his stools or nothing else which would raise suspicions). He’s on chemotherapy at the moment doing really well.

This news shocked and got us unprepared.We just had a little baby boy and is like everything got upside down in a split of second ....

I would really appreciate if you can give us some advice on what to eat or what activities to do (based on your experience) while on chemo to make this journey more easy for him and be able to fight cancer.

I just wanted to say to all of you who are going through some tough times:


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Hello, sorry to hear that your husband has diagnosed with cancer :( i hope he'll do well with his chemo, be brave and show him a positive energy that he can beat cancer!!! I'll pray for him, may God bless him and heal him.

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Thank you .May God bless you and your loved ones.🙏🏻

How did they first check him did he do fit test

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Initially,he had to go to the GP(general practice) as he was having low abdominal pain l(in October) but as it was taking to long to be referred to a specialist,he decided to go to A&E (in January).

Over there they found out that his liver was enlarged and send him for an ultrasound check and colonoscopy.

I am sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. My wife was diagnosed in May of 2014, she was also having the same symptoms as your husband. She had 19 rounds of chemo after she had surgery to remove the infected areas. The beginning was very hopeful and uncertain, first year cancer came back and it has been there since.

She stopped chemo for two years changed her diet and ate only organic food and no red meats. She started having extreme pain in the lower abdomen and they haven’t been able to determine wether is the cancer or scar tissue, it has been very hard to deal with that pain but all and all she is still strong and mainly alive!

I would like to hear more about your husbands condition, how old is he?

You need to be very patient and very strong it is a long road to recover. Best of luck and our prayers to you and your family. Stay strong!

I’m sorry to hear that.

She sounds like a strong woman. I hope everything gets better for her.🙏🏻

My husband is 36 years old ,fit person .We had quite a healthy food routine,he doesn’t smoke ,drink or anything .The explanation given by the doctors was “just unlucky “.

Beside the bowel ,the cancer has spread to the liver and lungs.

Initially they suspected that the cancer has spread intensively into the liver but just recently they found out that he has an infection on the liver which probably has contributed towards the liver inflammation.He’s on antibiotics at the moment treating the liver infection.

Surprisedly he has been feeling very well after the first cycle of the chemotherapy and the abdomen pain has disappeared(at the moment).He just feels tired and he has his emotional ups and downs (which are understandable).

We’re using organic food ,spices and seeds (mainly making tea out of them).Apparently turmeric is very good on shrinking the tumour’s size and prevent further spread.

Well to be honest I don’t know what to believe but we are going to try whatever is needed (you never know they might help ...)

He just has the first cycle two weeks ago and will have the second one this week sometimes.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a long journey but we have to be strong as patient as you said.

Thank you very much for your support.Please send us whatever you believe that would help to improve his situation(food wise or any exercise guidelines).

I wish you guys good health and hopefully everything gets better 🙏🏻

Hi be strong.I had the same as your husband and now I reission

Thank you very much .

I wish you all the best 🙏🏻

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